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Active Minds at GU Opens the Door for Dialogue

Active Minds at Graceland University intends to break the silence surrounding our inner struggles through PostSecretU.

PostSecretU is a community art project sponsored by Active Minds, Inc. and Frank Warren, creator of the popular PostSecret blog.

The program creates an open and safe forum on campus for students to express secrets, regrets, fears, desires, hopes, dreams, hidden acts of kindness, talents and confessions. The display is a visual representation about the issues we all face. Hopefully, PostSecretU will help bring people together, connect with others, and discuss feelings and concerns that many  silently share.

“PostSecretU brings people together and allows those who have felt isolated or alone to connect to a larger group,” Warren has said. “It starts a conversation that brings people together.”

What Warren and other Active Minds’ chapters have found over time is that many of the secrets submitted talk about mental health issues.

Why is it that we feel our mental health concerns, struggles and experiences must be kept inside and can’t be shared with others?  Stigma often plays a role.

One in four college students struggle with a mental health disorder that can be diagnosed, but at least two-thirds do not seek help because of stereotypes.  General sentiments we encounter each day tell us that seeking such help is weak or shameful. Opening dialogue helps to break these prejudices. Putting a concern on a postcard is a start; it allows the opportunity for relief.  PostSecretU gives students a chance to speak up together.

Active Minds at Graceland University will be working throughout the year to let those struggling know they are not alone.  A main goal of the organization is to connect students with resources and safe spaces to share and get help and support for their struggles. PostSecretU is just starting the conversation.

Active Minds PostSecretU exhibit began on September 30th and is running through October 15th.  It can be seen in the MSC glass cases by the GSG office.

Do you want to join Active Minds at Graceland University and change the stigma towards mental illness?  Meetings are at the CAP Center at 4:00 Sunday.

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I am a person excited about life and work to make it as abundant as possible. Stepping out of my comfort zone, adventures, and bounding relationships are things that truly make life beautiful. "Be the change you want to see in the world", is a quote I like to live by. This is the impact I wish to make with my articles, however small that may be. My focus is on mental and emotional health; I hope to change the stigmas and educate our society on these issues.

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