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Spooktacular Night

A few days have gone by since Halloween, but I know most of us are still soaking up the awesomeness of that night.  It would be hard to make a case against the awesomeness of Halloween; you get to dress up as anything you want, and devour seemingly endless amounts of candy, and watch classic movies like Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus.

Thanks to COSA, Graceland students got to celebrate this awesome holiday together.  With Halloween falling on a Thursday this year, the night started out with a concert in which the school’s orchestra performed songs from Phantom of the Opera, Up, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jurassic Park.

After the concert, I changed into my kangaroo costume and headed to Linden Street to join fellow students for the start of the Halloween activities.  Students were already there, dressed up and in line for free candy apples, pumpkin bars, and spiced lattes.  IMs even joined in on the fun by having a booth with games.  Soon after arriving on Linden Street, people headed around the corner to Choices, where a haunted house was promised.  Though the long line for the haunted house seemed intimidating at first, it turned out to be another great opportunity for socializing and meeting new people whom I’ve never met before.

“I’m really happy about how it turned out,” Madi Warner, COSA board member, says of the haunted house. “Choices flooded last night and we were all up really late trying to put everything back together.”

Immediate rushes of fear ran through most people when the first thing we were told near the entrance of the haunted house (which we all know as the Choices entrance) to turn right and crawl through the student-made tunnel.  For us self-diagnosed claustrophobic folks, this situation wasn’t exactly ideal, but it turned out to not be so bad.

Once out of the tunnel, the room was barely recognizable.  I had no idea there were so many creepy rooms in Choices.  To my surprise, it was actually even scary.  From the conversations I have had with most people, I would have to say that the scariest part was the room with the clowns.  The lights were eerie, the clowns were gruesome, and they would get up in your face until you cried to get out of there.  It was awesome.

The room was split into different sections and each section was different.  Aside from the clowns, the haunted house also included a terrifying girl laughing by a rusty bathtub, a guy in a gorilla suit, and a supposedly dead girl in white convulsing on a table.

Knowing who most of these people were made it that much better.  I was impressed with how none of them broke character even when acting out their scary scene around their best friends.

The exit of the haunted house led us right into the Coliseum where we took our seats and prepared to watch 1984’s Ghostbusters.  Bill Murray, guys.  How much better could Halloween get?

Though November 1st claims Halloween to be officially over, it wasn’t over for us yet.  That Friday night, Choices was cleaned of all its haunted house decorations and opened for a costume party in typical Choices style.  It was especially nice for the students who couldn’t attend the events of the night before because now they had another opportunity to show off their costume and celebrate this awesome holiday with friends.  Provided with loud music, free pizza, and seemingly endless amounts of candy, I would have to say that the night was a success.

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