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Where Do You See Graceland Going?

Perhaps the largest benefit to moving the Tower online is the ability and ease to give feedback – something that was much more difficult to manage in past years.  This article is designed for such feedback.  What are your ideas for where the school should go next?

Not just to say, “we need a larger student body”, but suggestions of how to increase the student body.  What do current students want?  What is missing?  What is needed most?  What are your bright ideas?  What is important for the next step in our university’s life?

Enactus and Sustainable Lamoni suggest a more sustainable, active, and progressive life: one filled with compost facilities, community gardens, awareness campaigns, supporting local businesses, and a closer bonding between Lamoni community members and Graceland students.

These are just some examples of student and faculty work that push the university to be better than the year before.

As I traveled across the United States this past summer, I frequently ran (more like cycled) into other university students and community members that were driving their communities and schools to become better.  Now, of course, “better” is quite a subjective term.

Better, for them, meant a heavier focus on students with children, helping mothers and fathers get through the stresses of raising a child while continuing their education, or going great lengths to lessen their university’s carbon footprint: awareness campaigns, emphasis on sustainable agriculture, workshops to teach sustainable living, the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling, and prioritizing community involvement.

These are just some of the many things others are doing daily to make the lives of the students and community members more enriching and active.

I’m eager to read your responses.  Let’s share.

About Thomas Vogelsang

I'm a Junior at Graceland, attending the Lamoni campus. My major is Business with minors in History and Spanish. I've always enjoyed Graceland. I like the simplicity the campus offers, the strong community Lamoni stimulates, and the people. I've met my best friends here. I can't thank the university more for that. I never imagined myself wanting a column in the newspaper. But, thus is life. Here I am, doing what I want to do. I'm passionate about sustainable work. I'm active in enactus and Sustainable Lamoni as food to feed these desires. I'm also part of the Honors program and Graceland's Chamber Choir. Must satisfy my intellectual and vocal needs as well. My philosophy: challenge the body and mind, eat right, work hard, love intelligently, be thoughtful and open-minded. I enjoy discussing philosophy, meeting people, new and old experiences and places, politics, physical activities (climbing, jumping, rock throwing, longboarding, swimming, etc.), laughing, reading, and relaxing. Someday i'd like to write an autobiography. Just as proof I existed. I hope my life is one that induces happiness, progress, and sustainable change.

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