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How to Stress Less During Finals Week

Let me play mom for a few minutes and tell you how to take care of yourself and stress less during finals week!

1)     Create a Calm Environment: Surround yourself with soothing scents, cool lighting, and relaxing sounds.  This will calm you internally, lowering your anxiety and stress levels.

2)      Breathe: Close your eyes and take deep breath in for 4 seconds, hold in for 7 seconds, and let it out for 8 seconds.  Repeat.  Give yourself time to process and relax.

3)      Don’t Bully Yourself, Reward Yourself: Don’t get angry about not starting an assignment last week; that will raise your stress level and make you feel hopeless.  Instead, start it right now, and when you do finish, reward yourself with a cookie from the Swarm!

4)      Take a Break: Whether you take breaks to breathe, work out, or go to bathroom, just take a break.  Give your brain time to soak in what you are working on and refuel.

5)      Laugh: Laugh and make others laugh, it makes everything better.

6)      Make Lists: To do lists need to become your new best friend!  Writing everything down and getting it all organized will make you feel less stressed.  Plus, crossing things off gives you satisfaction, creating the need to do and cross more off your list.

7)      Sleep: The National Sleep Foundation says adults (age 18 and on) need 7-9 hours of sleep every night to function properly.  This is especially true before a test.  Hint, hint.

8)      Eat Healthy: Make sure to get your daily servings of fruit, vegetables, dairy, grain, and protein.  Don’t just sit in your room and eat potato chips or you will never feel good enough to start that big project you have.

9)      Exercise: Get some kind of exercise every day for about 20 minutes.  Exercise is a good way to let out built up stress.  It also acts as a break, and gives you the chance to clear your mind and naturally makes you feel more awake and happy.

10)      Study Groups: Not only are study groups more fun, but you have the ability to learn more with the different perspectives.  It also allows you to be social and get out of your room.

Following these tips will help to make your finals less stressful and more bearable over all.  Good luck!

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