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Press Release – Student Activity Fee Reallocation

(Submitted by Antonia Davidson, Speaker of the Senate)

The Graceland Student Government Officers have recently reallocated the Student Activity Fee for the 2014-2015 school year at their annual budget meeting.  The total amount of the Student Activity Fee was not changed, but the areas to which it is distributed were slightly changed.

The Student Activity Fee contribution to the Performing Arts budget, at $5 per student,  was eliminated.  We did spend time considering allocating money specifically earmarked to cover student tickets for performing arts acts, but eventually came to the consensus that the money could reach a wider group of students in other areas.

We greatly appreciate all that Performing Arts does for Graceland by broadening our cultural horizons and bringing world-class acts to Graceland.  However, other programs were under-represented in the Student Activity Fee allocation and we thought more students could be benefited through reallocation of those funds.

We deducted 50 cents from the Leadership Development fund (used to pay for training of GSG officers) because in the last two years we had an excess in this area.  An emphasis on shorter and less extravagant travel for retreats has helped keep costs low in this area.  We are changing this with the intent that this trend continue.

Intramurals, the organization that reaches over 90% of students, can use extra funds to buy better equipment, and serve more students even better, so we chose to add an extra 50 cents to their budget line.

A $1 increase in CHC (Council of House Chaplains) funds will allow for more possibilities at Wednesday Night Activities.

A SafeRide budget line was created in order to make the program sustainable, budget-wise.  They also received $1 per student in order to cover travel and promotional material costs.

We also created a new budget for a new student organization that we believe will positively impact the student athlete experience.  We will continue to develop this organization throughout the Spring Semester in preparation for its eventual introduction in the 2014-2015 school year.

We worked hard to thoughtfully consider every part of this budget so we could best represent student’s needs.  Due to the importance we place in the fee allocation, long discussions and a fair amount of disagreement extended this process into Winter Term from the Fall Semester.  If you have questions or comments on the Student Activity Fee Allocation, please visit with a Student Government Officer in the Graceland Student Government Office in the MSC.

-The 2013-14 Graceland Student Government Officers

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