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Students Rally Against Relationship Violence

Violence in dating relationships is a serious matter.

In fact, the Bureau of Justice Statistics showed that dating relationships can be just as deadly as married relationships.  The number of homicides in 2005 reached 700 for those in dating relationships nationwide, compared to an only slightly higher 757 for those married.

However, dating relationship violence is treated differently under the Iowa code than violence in married relationships. “Currently under the Iowa code regular assault charges are the only options to those in dating relationships… which means nearly all college students have few protections under the law,” said The Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Students are asked to join The Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence to rally in Des Moines.  Graceland students participated in this rally 2 years ago, and have been invited back.  This event is a chance to change something as a student, at no cost.  Sometimes change has to start at where you are and then move out into the world.  This is a wonderful experience that is offered to anyone who wants to join!  If you are interested, please contact Nancy Wallace and tell her you wish to participate in the student day at the capitol.

On Thursday the 13th of February around 10:00 am we will leave and get back around 5:00 pm. (You will be excused from classes if you wish to join the rally.)  Change needs to happen in the Iowa code, and you can help!

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