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Tons of Fun at COSA’s “Be My Valentine”!

COSA is at it again with another holiday themed event!  Come celebrate Valentine’s Day at the MSC main room on Wednesday, February 12 starting at 8 PM.  This will be a fun event, regardless of if you’re single or taken, with cookies, Cupid, and COSA.  Oh my!

“Be My Valentine” will start at 8 PM where there will be two separate tables available for decorating cookies, or creating your own wonderful valentine for your special someone.  These two stations will be available throughout the duration of the event.

At 8:30, COSA will begin the Newlywed game.  A fairly simple game that tests your knowledge on your significant other, the host will read off a question and one of the two people in the couple will write down their answer.  The other person then has to guess what their significant other answered.  If the answers match, the two receive points.  Multiple games will be played between 8:30-10:00, and the winners of each game will win prizes.  Please note that you do not have to be in a relationship to play; you are more than welcome to play with a friend.

At 10:00, COSA will end the event with a screening of 50 First Dates, a raunchy romantic comedy starring Drew Barrymore as a woman with a rare case of amnesia and Adam Sandler as… um, well… Adam Sandler trying to get with her.  Even with all these obstacles, will they end up together in a strong relationship?  You’ll just have to come and find out.  (This will replace the usual Thursday night movie for the week.)

As a special occasion for Valentine’s Day, COSA will also have candy grams for you to send to the people you secretly admire.  These are available at the MSC main room by the movie poster.  All you have to do is write out a little message and your crush’s box number at the upper right hand corner.  Once you’re done, place it inside the black box stationed on the wall and COSA will take care of the rest!  The candy grams will be available for everyone throughout the week.

Be sure to be at Be my Valentine! With Cookies, Cupid, and COSA, Oh My! this Wednesday at 8:00 PM.  With all the cookies, card decorating, the Newlywed game, and 50 First Dates, it’s sure to be the Valentine’s Day event everyone will be buzzing about.

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Kirk Peterson is a film, theatre, performance studies and English major from Urbandale, Iowa. His main focus is film, but he has occasional love affairs with other forms of visual storytelling like graphic novels, video games, and theatre. Some of Kirk's favorite filmmakers are some of the more obvious picks like Nolan, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Gilliam, and Spielberg as well as some lesser popular artists like Kevin Smith and Richard Linklater. With all this, he has a hard time finding a film that he doesn't enjoy in at least one way or another. Kirk also enjoys being with his friends on Closson and especially loves to engage in off the wall conversations. Oh, and Batman.

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