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Graceland Students Invited to Participate in Merit
Graceland's Merit Homepage

Graceland Students Invited to Participate in Merit

Graceland University invites all students to participate in readMedia’s Merit program.

Merit is an online service that works somewhat like LinkedIn.  It automatically keeps track of student accomplishments, called “achievements,” such as being on an honor roll.  Additionally, Merit allows students to put in their activities, job experience, and photographs.

In previous years, the service would only keep track of achievements and send press releases to students’ local papers for publication.  While this served to promote both Graceland and the individual students, Merit now allows students more personalization.  (Sometimes, the paper it is sent to is incorrect, or students want the achievement sent to multiple papers.  If this ever happens, email Brooke Sutherland to let her know the situation.)

While students who gained achievements in past years had Merit pages already established, every student has access to Merit as of last week.

Notably, there is a chance that the classification (freshman, sophomore, etcetera) will be wrong for students who had achievements before this year, as the system sometimes maintains the same classification as when the Merit account was originally made/when the achievement was originally granted.

The achievements for students are added by Graceland automatically as they are earned, culminating finally in the graduation achievement.  After this, Graceland stops having access to the Merit page for a student.  However, the page remains hosted by the Merit servers, so it can still be accessed and used as a resource for showing accomplishments to prospective employers.

Subscriptions are available for each student page as well, so parents or friends can be notified via email whenever a new achievement is earned.

The Merit pages (graceland.meritpages.com) can be reached from links on the Graceland website, or from the link included in the announcement email.

Students who claim their Merit pages before the end of February will be entered into a content to win a free Graceland hoodie.

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