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Pet Peeves While Flying

Pet Peeves While Flying

Spring break is beginning this Friday and like most of you, I am going to be getting on a plane next to get to my exotic destination (home).  Over the years, I have had my fair share of plane rides, and I like to believe that I am someone who exhibits appropriate airport/airplane etiquette.  My trips have led to some excellent people-watching and I have come to the conclusion that you can tell quite a lot about someone through their behavior while traveling.

In no particular order, here is my list of the behavior that drives me a bit nutty while flying.

1.) The “I need 20 bins for all my stuff” Person

Security is by far the most annoying part of being at the airport.  The lines, the grumpy employees, and not a smile in sight.  All of us are just trying to get in and out of the line as soon as possible.  Every now than then, though, you get stuck behind someone that needs a separate bin for everything they own.  Excuse me, your bag does not need a separate bin nor do your shoes.  Just stick it all together, and push it through!

2.) The Obsessed with Boarding Group Number Person

Next time you fly somewhere, count how many people go up to the desk to ask  about when they can board.  I understand that there are certain circumstances when you do actually need to board first, like in situations with small children or disabled individuals.  The other 5,000 of you, though, might have some serious abandonment issues because you are terrified that the plane is somehow going to leave without you.  Then, when boarding actually starts, there is also this herd that hangs around the entrance to the plane.  If you bought a ticket, you have a seat!

3.) The Chatty Kathy

When I am flying, there is a good chance I was up late the night before packing or just spending time with people who I am leaving behind.  Once I reach my seat, I look forward to enjoying my flight by closing my eyes and shutting out the world until I land.  I appreciate kind people, but when you continue the conversation past pleasantries and begin asking me a million questions about where I am going and what I am doing there, I’m sorry, but it makes me want to put a pillow over my head and go lalalalalalala until you get the hint.

4.) The Person Who Can’t Sit Still

They are up, they are down.  They block the aisle as they try and open the overhead compartment fifty different times to fish out something.  Then they drank to much soda and have to pee three times during the flight.  What makes this even worse is when they are sitting in the window seat and keep asking you to move.

5.) Children Who are Traveling Alone for the First Time

One time when I was traveling, I knew I had a short layover for my connecting flight so I was praying that we were going to take off on time.  That dream was crushed when a young girl started freaking out because of how scared she was.  For some reason, she thought that no one was going to be on the other end to pick her up and we couldn’t take off until she stopped screaming.  I consider myself a reasonably sane, compassionate human being, but I was to the point where I was ready to give this girl a sedative to make her stop.

Leave a comment and tell me what some of your pet peeves are while traveling!

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