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COSA’s Big Man on Campus 2014: Dude Looks Like a Diva

COSA’s Big Man on Campus 2014: Dude Looks Like a Diva

This Saturday (March 29th), COSA will be putting on the annual Big Man on Campus event in the Shaw Center at 9:00pm.

The event, a men’s pageant, is a well-known tradition at Graceland that allows halls to come together and compete in a friendly way.  Men’s halls select members from their own halls to compete, while women’s halls nominate men to represent them.  A series of competitions take place, all with light-hearted entertainment as their primary goal, and by the end of the night a champion is crowned as the eponymous Big Man on Campus.

This year, COSA selected the theme “Dude Looks Like a Diva,” which will be a key aspect of the pageant.  The 2013 Big Man competition had a Disney theme, and each participant was judged (at least partially) by how well he was able to stay in character.  Before 2013, however, Big Man themes had little to do with the night’s events themselves and were “just a title for the night that [had] a funny ring to them,” according to COSA President Brandon Bennett.

Keeping with the direction established last year, however, COSA wanted a theme that “characterized the night” rather than just having a “title for the night,” Bennett said.

This year, the theme is being acted out by every participant picking a diva to portray.  The definition of diva is somewhat debatable though.  According to Bennett, COSA’s definition of a diva was a “fierce” and charismatic person, not necessarily a woman, and some hall representatives chose to represent men who fit the description, as well.

(A complete list of hall representatives and their respective diva personas can be found at the bottom of the article.)

The participants involved in the event will all go through the first two competitions, the catwalk and the talent portion, which is different than in earlier years.

Before, after each event, the group would be narrowed down as people were eliminated from the contest.  This way, “all the big men [can] perform in the competitions that they put hard work into,” Bennett said.  (In past Big Man competitions, there was no way to know if someone would make it past the first round, so the effort put into a talent, for instance, might have been entirely pointless if he didn’t make it to that round.)

Scores will be tallied after the catwalk and the talent, and then there will be an elimination of all but four contestants that go into the final round.

Similar to last year, however, COSA has brought in a professional entertainer to be the MC of Big Man.  This year, the MC of the event will be Xclusive, a dancer who has been featured on America’s Got Talent.  COSA was eager to get Xclusive to come and perform at Graceland in some capacity, and decided that he would make an excellent MC for Big Man on Campus.  Additionally, a comedian named Quincy is touring with Xclusive currently, and will help MC the event.

Big Man Shirt

Big Man on Campus is one of COSA’s crown jewels in the Spring Semester, and Bennett invites everyone to come and enjoy it:  “… [People] should come to big man on campus to be entertained in a very unique way.  COSA’s mission is not just to create fun, but to allow for a comfortable environment where you can strengthen current relationships and encourage the discovery of new ones…  [Coming] out to support your fellow Gracelanders… encourages shared laughs and experiences.”

T-shirts will be available for $5 on a first come, first serve basis.  The shirts’ design is the image to the right, and will have a hot pink ink on a black background.

Come out and enjoy a light-hearted, unique competition this Saturday at the Shaw Center!

Big Man Hall Representatives

Big Man Hall Representatives

Agape – Alex Craven – Amy Adams
Amici – Rhen Corless – Rebel Wilson
Aponivi – Devin Williams – Janet Jackson
Cheville – Sean Bowerman – Kim Kardashian
Closson – Bryn Nilsen – Elton John
Dimora – Dylan Pitt – Miley Cyrus
Faunce – Alex Davison – Richard Simmons
Hanthorne – Gage Bradley – Katy Perry
Khiyah – Jarrett Sutton – Ellen Degeneres
Orion – Blake Smith – Dolly Parton
Paloma – Ethan Pitt – Honey Boo Boo
Powell – Devin Rose – Mrs. Doubtfire
Sariah – Kyle Wilson – Lady Gaga
Shalom – Derrick Shadwick – Britney Spears
Solah – Ridge Frank – Kourtney Kardashian
Stewart Manor – Shane Grant – Paris Hilton

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