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Go Local: InVinci Graphics

Go Local: InVinci Graphics

Supporting local business has always been something that Graceland University is highly passionate about.  When shopping at a local business, you are helping to support the members in your immediate community.

Yours truly has had the pleasure of working with U.S. Rodeo Supply over the last few weeks, and I think it is important for the student body to be aware of its presence.

I’m sure you have found yourself, on many occasions, walking into town to do some shopping.  You probably have noticed a building between the Pizza Hut and the good old Dollar General.  Until this semester I had no idea what this building was, let alone the type of business it was involved in.  For a long time it has been known as U.S. Rodeo Supply.  It is run by Matt Owen, President for InVinci Safety Systems and CEO at Rank Bull Equipment.  It started as a small supply store that provided rodeo gear to a few clients within the United States but over the last thirteen years they have expanded into the world’s largest online supplier of bull-riding gear.

A product that has gained popularity in the bull-riding community is the InVinci-Bull helmet which is used by many prominent riders and is endorsed by Andy Carter of the YBR (Youth Bull Riders) and Mike Vergari of the TYBR (Texas Youth Bull Riders).  Along with their helmets, there is a variety of gear used for rodeos that has been gaining attention from riders in the area.

Upon realization of how they had to send their products out to be embroidered or to have them printed with the graphics of their company, they said “Well, we can do that!”  In that moment, InVinci Graphics was born, and they are beginning to experiment with new equipment that gives them the capability to not only brand their own rodeo products but to start taking outside orders from other members in the community that are in need embroidery and screen printing for their own products.

Owen is the driving force that keeps projects moving and is always trying to experiment with new ways to provide more service for his customers and at a cheaper price.  Currently, the team at InVinci Graphics is working on shirts for Living On Linden and a banner that will be hanging in town to promote the event.  Along with providing for Living On Linden, they are working with Brad Carr and Chris Clark to create staff shirts for the Coliseum Movie Theater.

The team at InVinci is looking to continue their partnership with Graceland University as well as other businesses in the area.  Each week that I meet with Owen to discuss promotion of the new InVinci Graphics, I am always amazed to see the new products that are being developed in the office.  A goal for Owen is to be a business that is thought of first when someone needs a t-shirt designed or needs a logo embroidered on clothing.

How can you help?  Go local!  Take the time to visit Owen at his office on East Main Street and see what he can do for you.

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