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Arbor Day Press Release

Arbor Day Press Release

On this Saturday, April 26th, Graceland University will be hosting the annual Arbor Day Celebration!

Brother and sister houses will be paired up to clean and work on different areas around campus to make our community a little better and greener.  Along with your hard work on campus, there will be a scavenger hunt where you will compete against other house pairings in order to win a prize.  The house pairing that does the best on their clean up project and scavenger hunt will receive $100 for their houses.

Not only will there be a chance to help the community and win some prizes, but there will also be free food!

Senate is asking for the house pairings to gather on the commons lawn at 9:45 AM where there will be juice and muffins available to everyone participating.  Once everyone is gathered together, instructions and directions will be distributed to the houses and the day will begin.

Be sure to check out the hard work that the environmental committee has put together on Senate and show up for Arbor Day.  It is going to be great fun for all!

Arbor Day activities begin at 9:45 AM on April 26th on the Commons Lawn.

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