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“Graceland Identity” T-Shirt Policy

Submitted by guest contributor Steve Thurman

The “Graceland Identity” policy was recently passed by the administration this semester, making some Graceland University students frustrated.  The policy requires that all Graceland-funded apparel and items stick to a strict set of guidelines that limit the usable fonts, colors, and designs on the items.  The proposal was meant to get Graceland to be known better within the tri-state area by getting our “brand” to be known.

“Ridiculous… [The Graceland Identity policy] takes away students’ identities,” said one student.

Many students are against this policy because they believe its strict guidelines prevents any club or house apparel from best representing that corresponding club or house.

“The policy hinders the creativity of students and makes it so that all Graceland-funded apparel will look the same,” another student said.

Kirk Bjorland, the Vice President for Enrollment Management, said that the initiative was meant to help Graceland become better known throughout the area.  It is a goal to become a well known “brand,” and for people to recognize our school’s logo no matter what is on.  The brand would be focusing on our school colors, the well-known GU symbol, and even Sting.  Graceland has been working on its marketing and branding strategies since 2000, and Graceland Identity is the next step.

What do you think about Graceland Identity?  Feel free to comment below.

(Graceland Identity guidelines can be found on MyGraceland in the Communications link, underneath the Resources tab.)

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