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Mail Time: GU Mailroom In New Hands

Submitted by guest contributor Bret Remmengā

In case people do not already know, the Graceland University mailroom was outsourced at the beginning of the spring 2014 semester to Ricoh, a Japanese-based imaging and electronics company.

This means that Graceland University employees are no longer responsible for managing the mailroom here on campus; instead it is now overseen by employees from Ricoh.

The students, staff, and faculty of Graceland probably haven’t even noticed this change in power, though,  as the sending/receiving of letters and packages is the same for students and employees.

At this time, and for the foreseeable future, the process of retrieving one’s mail from his or her mailbox in the MSC will stay exactly the same, as will the process of retrieving a package with a package slip.  Employees, too, will still receive their mail as before, via the bi-daily mail routes run by the student employees.

For student employees of the Graceland mailroom, not too much has changed.  The process of being hired there is still regulated by Graceland, and work there is still eligible for work study.  Procedures for work have also stayed the same, as the managers from Ricoh have had no reason to change the pre-established workings, aside from a redecoration of the office, complete with plenty of Ricoh-labeled posters.

However, it has been somewhat awkward, as the Ricoh manager, hired at the start of this semester, was understandably not accustomed to the Graceland University mailroom, campus, or Lamoni as a whole.  This created some difficulties and required student workers to take on more of a leadership role in the post office than before, teaching both the new student hires and Ricoh employees.  Those students, among others, have kept business running as usual.

One current hurdle for the workers is the lack of an official manager.  The aforementioned Ricoh manager left the company on April 17th.  Since that time, both the student workers and the other Ricoh employees have been keeping the mailroom together to the best of their abilities.  However, this also brought the same obstacles as with the first Ricoh hire, as the managers are relying on the help of experienced student workers to get an idea of how the mailroom operates.

But, as said before, this would most likely have gone unnoticed by the general population of the Graceland community, as things have not changed too much. The workers in the mailroom, both from Ricoh and Graceland, will continue to do their best to make sure students and employees receive their mail.

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