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Student Spotlight: Brandon Beresford

Submitted by guest contributor Chris Lopez

Playing in a lighted stadium, in front of thousands of people, may be the dream of everyone who has ever played a sport.  However, few people get this opportunity.  Even fewer get it while they’re still in college, but GU’s very own Brandon Beresford is the exception.

Beresford’s parents are both from Guyana, a country north of Brazil, and this allows him to have dual citizenship.  Because of this, he’s been allowed the opportunity to play on an international level.

Beresford’s first appearance for the senior national team was in November of 2010 when he was 18 years old; it was a friendly against Guatemala.

“I felt extremely unfit,” Beresford said while laughing, “but I was just happy to have that opportunity.  And I think I did well for the fifteen minutes I got.”  After that friendly, Beresford got called up for other friendly matches throughout the years and even scored in one against French Guyana.

When Beresford got the call for the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers he was excited; however, after practicing for a month with the team in Columbia his junior year, he never saw a minute of playing time.  “It was very frustrating, I talked to my dad about it a lot.  I felt like I didn’t have a lot of options at that time,” said Beresford.  This was the most discouraged Beresford has ever felt from pursuing his dream to be a professional soccer player.  “I thought I needed to get on top of school just in case.  I felt like I needed a back-up plan” explained Beresford.

The next summer, Beresford got an opportunity to play in Canada for the PDL team FC London.  Beresford is very grateful towards FC London, saying “they’re what helped me improve my skills to become a player that had stats my senior year here at GU.”  He was able to play in front of a lot of coaches, and was even invited to attend a USL Pro combine to play in front of even more coaches.  This led to interest in Beresford from teams such as Dayton Dutch Lions.

Now that his collegiate career is over, Beresford’s hard work has paid off.  His senior highlight video attracted the attention of Gubbio, a Series C team in Rome, Italy.  After a trial with them in February, Beresford plans on returning to Italy to sign a contract in July.  He’s optimistic about the move and is looking to go as far as he can with his career.

“I hope to get called up to a higher division, hopefully a first division team, and have a long career with minimal injuries if any,” said Beresford.

Beresford is very humble when talking about his soccer career and always willing to offer help or advice to others chasing any dream, not just athletics.

He offers this advice, “It’s all cliché but true: keep working even if you don’t get the opportunity at first.  Someone will see you one day if you keep working and then it’s up to you to take the chance you’re given and run with it.”

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