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Magic at Final Fling

Submitted by guest contributor Joe Lewis

Hundreds of students were in awe as a talented young magician performed during Final Fling on Saturday, May 10th, 2014.

Ben Seidman is a young guy with a pair of red hipster glasses and fashion sense similar to our very own student body.  He looked like a cross between YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley and pop culture icon Macklemore.

I, like many others in the audience, was impressed with his stunning magic tricks and comical sense of humor.  It was because to this that I decided to stick around after the show and get an interview with the man behind the magic.

While I was impressed with what he told me about his career in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles, I wanted to know more about his own view on magic.  So naturally, my first real question for him was, “Do you believe in magic?”

Ben responded almost immediately with, “Yes, very much so.”  He went on to explain that it has a lot to do with how you define it.  When asked to define what magic was to him, he stated, “Magic is anything amazing and extraordinary.”  He went to explain that magic is more of a feeling that is presented rather than a series of unexplainable tricks.  He said that magic shows are best enjoyed by suspending your disbeliefs for just long enough to get that feeling of “Wow, that is something cool and crazy that I can’t explain.”

Ben also made sure to note there are things within the real world that are magical.

He said “I was driving here.  I only slept two hours last night, but I am driving and I am tired and I am drinking coffee and it was drizzling and, you know, I am exhausted.  And I looked out the window and there was a perfect and beautiful rainbow to my left as I was driving.  And I was like, ‘Yup, that’s magic.’ There’s magic alive and well in the world and I feel like there is much more magic around us than we give ourselves credit for seeing and sometimes you just have to stop and look around you and see the magic that’s already there.”

Ben is a charming person who I found easy to talk to.  He is a very funny man who is approachable and eager to discuss just about anything.  From what I could tell, he would be more than happy to make a magic enthusiast out of just about anyone.

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