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Women’s Basketball Trains Hard for Next Season

Submitted by guest contributor Jerica Smith

The Women’s basketball team had a good year, 11-15.  Quite an improvement from their 2012-2013 year when they were 2-24.  Yes, I said 2-24.  It was rough.

During off-season, Coach Harrop did some heavy recruiting and picked up some very good athletes who helped the Jackets get to the playoffs this year.  Big contributors to the team were freshmen Sydney Vaugh, Gabrielle Lapinski, and Shelby Murtha; juniors Kiara Cain, Rebecca Easton, and Yvette Bennett; and of course returning students who helped out this year (though didn’t get to play last year due to injuries), senior Anttanisha Moton and junior Jaynelle Johnson.

The season is over and the team is finishing their off-season workouts.  For these, they would switch days with the men for the gym.  Every other week they would go late and the men would go early.  The girls believe that the off-season workout helped them get closer as a team, and believe next year will be a good one.

“Swimming and working out together made us an closer team and we all will work out this summer to keep in shape so that we will be ready for next season,” Senior Jaynelle Johnson said in an interview following a workout she had with some of her teammates.

We are looking forward to and expect good things from the Yellowjackets’ upcoming season!

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