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GU Football Prepares for Next Season’s Opener

Submitted by guest contributor Jacob Gager

The football team has been working hard all semester with 6 am workouts, weightlifting, and spring ball.  Since the semester is almost over, they are starting their max-outs in the weight room and working on the field with the 40 yard dash and other drills.

David Edmondson leads the team in weight-lifting, benching 470 last year and squatting over 600 pounds.  I got a chance to talk to him and ask what he his trying to accomplish for this upcoming year.  He said “I wanna bench somewhere close to 500 and squat 685.”

When David was asked how he thinks the team is going to perform next season, he replied that they are loaded with talent on both sides of the ball and that they are just trying to get better everyday on and off the field.  When asking David abut the team he said “We are working harder than ever… everybody seems to be on the same page this year and we all want the same goal… to win.”

He also said ” I know we haven’t been good the past few years, but I feel that we have something special this off-season and I think we can really make some noise in the conference this upcoming season.”

The Graceland football team opens the season with national champs, Grandview, so this game will really test the Jackets and see where they are as a team.  When other players were asked what they thought of this coming game, they said they are excited and want to show people how hard they have been working.  Another cause for excitement is that the game against Grandview will be a night game, under the lights.

Be keeping an eye on the Yellowjackets as next season unfolds.

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