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Martial Arts Club

Submitted by guest contributor LeNorris Wilson

There are many reasons one would want to learn martial arts.

Maybe you want to be able to protect yourself or a loved one, maybe you want to just get in shape, or maybe you just want to be able to learn about the different varieties of martial arts.

The martial club teaches martial and other basic self-defense techniques.  Meetings are from Monday to Thursday, with Monday and Wednesday at 8pm, and with Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm.

The club allows participants to learn and practice an assortment of styles such as Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and even some boxing.  Anyone is allowed to come, and meetings are usually held in the Fitz.

Personally, this club is the first club I joined I when I came to Graceland.  I help teach the club and I help assign the meeting times for the club.  I have a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo, I have taken up boxing, and since I have been in the club I have learned also learned some basic moves in Brazilian Jiu jitsu.

I enjoy teaching the club and also learning from different martial arts when other people teach what they know.  Aside from learning some techniques, you also get a good work out. The Martial Arts Club was founded by my friend Jared Ramer before I ever came to Graceland.  Some of the consistent members of the club, besides myself, are Dalton Sellers, Jarret Sutton, and Suzie Amador.  More members are always welcome, though!

When asked what he thinks of the club, freshman Jarret Sutton said “I am liking it.  It is tough.  I am learning some things I did not know before, so I am definitely think I am benefiting from the club as a whole.”

We have had a couple new members join us as well, Jasmin Morales and Nicole Baker.  As an instructor, it is really great to have such enthusiastic new members.  On her first day, Nicole Baker said “I enjoyed [that] it is getting me back to where I was when I was in MMA.  I especially like the punching drills.”

The Martial Arts Club can be joined by anyone who is willing to go through some hard work.  As far as instructors go, this past semester’s president, Kawai Mahi, is graduating in 2014.  Next semester I will be taking over the club, building on my experiences as an instructor.  If you have done a martial art and are interested in teaching the club what you know, there are days in which people share their own expertise with each other.

I encourage all who are curious to try out the club!

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