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New York Fashion Week 2014

New York Fashion Week 2014

Fashion Week is an opportunity for top designers to come together and show off their upcoming collections for the following season.  This fashion frenzy kicked off on September 4th in New York, and lasted through the 11th, jam packed with over 80 shows all over the Big Apple. The collections shown this fall were a sneak peak at the spring and summer trends of 2015, with another promising year of bold cuts, prolific prints, and chic style. Recognizable names such as DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein, along with new and upcoming designers like Nan Kempner and Sandy Liang, used Fashion Week as a launching pad, proving that bigger really is better. These designers went all out from set design to make up to after parties and parting gifts, no expenses were spared. The following trends are as follows.

Pastels. It seems every season is a cycle of trends that come and go almost at a predictable rate. What’s hot one year changes the next, keeping looks fresh and new, even when they’re not. This year is no different. Although the past few fashion seasons have been bright and bold inspired, spring 2015 takes it down a notch with softer, lighter pastels as a staple. Along with this pastel color scheme will be noticeable prints, typically floral, leafy, or checkered. Mixing and matching color will be ever important, seeing as how there’s a right way, a wrong way, and a right wrong way to do it.

The next noticeable trend is skin! How much, and where you show it, are both significant to the overall look of a collection. Many designers this year have played with deep V’s, small cut outs, and the ever elegant off the shoulder look. Another popular look in this trend is the cold shoulder, specifically with a 90 degree cut. It is imperative to portray sexy in a sophisticated and timeless manner.

Other major events occurring last week include the debut of Miley Cyrus as a jewelry designer; whose pieces were said to be simple and childlike, made with alphabet beads and small toys. Betsy Johnson created a “marriage” themed show featuring gay and transgender models, and Michael Kors became the most tweeted about designer in the twittersphere.  Lastly, 13 year old Isabella Rose Taylor made a splash in New York showing off her own pieces which will be sold at Nordstrom, making her one of the most successful youngsters of the fashion world.

Up next is London (the 12th -19th) Milan (the 17th-23rd) and Paris (the 23rd-1st). Watch live or catch the replays and follow Twitter/ Instagram for the highlights of European fashion.

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