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Endless Love: What you may have missed

Endless Love: What you may have missed

Endless Love is a witty, Romeo and Juliet type romance where a privileged girl and a charismatic boy fall in love at first sight. David (Alex Pettyfer) and Jade (Gabriella Wilde) come from separate worlds: Jade a rich, sheltered and school oriented girl that plans on going to Brown University over the summer on an internship and to study to be a cardiologist just like her father. David is your smart, average Joe kind of guy who is happy to work alongside his dad in a mechanic shop rather than go to college.  Jade and her family are still grieving loss of their beloved brother Chris while the family is still in shambles during Jades graduation. Jade Butterfield has everything that a person could want in her life and is on track to success. However, she has no friends and spends her time at her parents’ side or her nose in a book.

When the Butterfields go to celebrate her graduation at a swanky restaurant, she meets David, who works at the as a valet. The pair spark a love interest. While inside, her parents ask her what she wants for a graduation present and she tells them that she would like a party for her entire high school class. Funny thing is, throughout high school Jade did not have any friends and everyone labeled her as an ice queen because she never talked. She runs outside to ask David to come to the party and ends up taking a joy ride in a rude consumer’s sweet convertible. They get busted.

David gets off on the wrong foot with Jade’s father, Hugh, during Jade’s graduation party when he recognizes him as the kid that stole the car. Hugh has a hard time dealing with his daughter’s first love because he has taken all of her attention and began to change her attitude towards school. Her mother, Anne, on the other hand, loves to see her daughter happy again. Not only does David bring out the “real” Jade, but also makes life better for Anne and the oldest son, Keith. Jade and David’s relationship moves fast as her time begins to run out before she has to leave for her internship. David wanted to make those last days the best days of Jade’s life. She wants to spend the rest of her summer with David, so she ends up declining her internship. This sets her dad off, and after David is thrown in jail for breaking into the zoo on an adventure with Jade and his friends, her father shows Jade David’s criminal record in an attempt to change her feelings. Instead, she pleads her father to bail him out. Her father agrees but only under the condition that she is to stay away from him and take back the internship. Jade’s father drives David over the edge when he tells him that Jade does not love him and David punches him in the face, which leads to a restraining order.

Jade tries to win David back with no luck and goes off to Brown University and meets a new boyfriend. In the end, David talks to Jade’s mother in order to make a plan to see Jade at Christmas break and is very successful. He meets Jade at the airport and grabs her for a kiss, rekindling their relationship. Back at home, Jade’s father comes into Chris’s room, the deceased son, to find Keith and his girlfriend listening to records with lit candles all over the room. He freaks out, and in the process knocks over a candle igniting the room. As a result of all the turmoil, Jade’s mother leaves her husband behind and drives off with the Keith and his girlfriend. Back upstairs, Hugh tries to save his son’s belongings. David comes to his rescue but passes out, and in return, Jade’s father has a change of heart, and saves David, creating a happy ending for everyone.


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