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Graceland Soccer Captain Says the Season is Just Beginning

Graceland Soccer Captain Says the Season is Just Beginning

Sebastian Pineda is a senior at Graceland University, and as the captain, he is one of the most important players on the soccer team. He is majoring in sports management and hoping for his last season in college sports to be the best one he has ever had.  The varsity players of the soccer team haven’t had as good of a season as they expected, but that is not a reason for them to stop believing that they can achieve their goals. This upcoming weekend, the varsity soccer players will have the chance to forget about that awkward start when Missouri Valley comes and visits the nest of the Yellow Jackets in their first conference game. The senior from San Andres, Colombia expressed in this interview his feelings towards his last season at Graceland.

When I arrived to Sebastian’s apartment, it was, as usual, full with his friends crowded around the television playing FIFA ’15. We sat down, and in a casual conversation, I asked him to describe their preparation for the upcoming season and how they have dealt as a team with their last games. Sebastian answered:

“We had a solid preseason, the team worked hard to get in good shape. We had a couple of good games where we performed in a great way, we even won a game 5-0, the team was looking confident about that. As a team, we were looking for a style, our coach gave playing time to all the players trying to find it. That was a great idea, because in a tournament we are going to need substitutions, so any player will be able to step up for the team. I am disappointed in our last results because I know we are a great team that can give more, we need to start forgetting about the individuals and start working as a team.”

Then, I asked him what the team’s expectations and goals were for the season. I also asked about the team’s plans to leave behind the bad results and get better ones. The islander from Colombia expressed:

“The team is expecting to have a great conference and try to claim the playoffs, but we need to go game by game. Every game for us is like a final. It is easy to get better, we just need to start practicing harder, leave everything we have on the field and start acting more like a family.”


Sebastian, showing great confidence in his team, told me about himself, so people can learn who he is outside of the field.

“I began my soccer career in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. There I had the chance to travel to Argentina and Europe, where in Germany I played in the reserve team of the Werder Bremen (a first division team of the German soccer league). After that I started thinking about my studies, so I decided to play college soccer in Graceland and graduate as a sports manager.”

His last words for The Tower were, “Thanks for the opportunity, I invite everyone to go to all our games to support us. This Saturday at 7pm is our first conference game at home. We need the fans to be present, so we can show the other teams what Graceland is about.”

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