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The Perfect Fall Function: Children of the Corn

The Perfect Fall Function: Children of the Corn

Children of the Corn is an annual event held by the Aponivi house. Created to celebrate the beginning of fall, Aponivi members invite friends and dates to join them for a spectacular night in a cornfield. Aponivi members and their friends look forward to the event every year because of the time to get away from campus and spend time with good friends. This year, the weather was exceptionally cold with temperatures ranging from thirty-five to forty-five degrees Fahrenheit. Nonetheless, students were able to come together and make the night a frozen success.

The event was held at Ron Mickelson’s barn which is a five-minute drive from campus. Everyone who attended was very grateful to Mickelson for his hospitality. After arriving at his house, guests ate a dinner of hot dogs and hamburgers, provided by Sodexo. Guests also took function pictures in the scenic cornfield and in front of the rustic barn. Aponivi function leaders printed out the pictures and gave them to guests so they may remember the event.

Once everyone settled in, the games began! Guests played a game involving giant flotation “noodles” and beach balls. Partners blindfolded half of the group and instructed their partners to chase down other blindfolded players and to hit them with the noodles or balls.

Melissa Sherer, freshman, said her favorite part was the basket of newborn kittens. “They were really cute and cuddly,” Sherer said. “I really wanted to take one home!” The kittens were a hit, and students loved getting off campus to spend the night on a real farm.

The games led way to the barn dance. Everyone climbed up a ladder to the top of the barn to see a beautiful dance area decorated with Christmas lights and hay bales. Dances included the “Cha Cha Slide” and a few country line dances. The barn dance lasted about an hour, after which guests went back outside for a bonfire and s’mores making. After roasting marshmallows, the students’ host came out to take his guests for a hay ride. He hooked his truck up to a long trailer filled with hay bales, and guests hopped on to the trailer for a chilly but beautiful ride through the cornfields.

After the hay ride, some returned to the bonfire to warm up, and some climbed back up to the barn where there was a projector and movie screen. Some of the guests watched the movie “Disturbia,” sitting on hay bales, and some remained at the fire.

After the movie, most guests left due to the cold, but a few who had brought sleeping bags stayed the night. Due to the cold, these students ended inside Mickelson’s basement. In past years, more people stayed the night in tents, but the cold weather was too cold for many this year.

Whitney Croll, sophomore, said “I thought that it was really fun and really nice to do something as a hall off-campus. It was cold, but it was worth it.”

Although Children of the Corn attendees this year were a little colder than usual, the event was a success, and one that all will remember. This is one house tradition that will certainly stick around for a while, no matter the weather.

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