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Life Serve Blood Center Comes to Visit GU

Life Serve Blood Center Comes to Visit GU

Last Thursday, October 2nd, the Graceland community came together with Life Serve Blood Center to collect donations from students and staff. Beginning at 10am, it was a full day for Life Serve employees who collected from the arms of over 115 students, some of who donated double. I spoke with one double donor, Nathan Stemen of Coldwater Michigan, while he waited for his turn to go. Stemen has donated before and was seemingly calm and clear headed. He wasn’t reluctant, however, to express his nervous energy. It’s still a needle. It’s still uncomfortable. However, he did carry a good message when asked about his individual reasons for donating: “I have enough of it, if somebody else needs it, they can have it.”

It seems this generous attitude is very emblematic of the Graceland Community. Another student, Sophomore Colton Graham – majoring in computer science- was eager to donate as the day came to a close. “It’s a nice thing to do. Something you can feel good about. Just don’t look at the needle,” he joked.


Senate Rep. Brook Lavery was present as well, collecting the names of participants and helping with post donation procedure of food and water. “It’s an incredible thing to be able to do,” Lavery stated, “it’s such a simple act and it can save so many lives.” After tallying up all the participants, the women of Graceland seemed to come out on top, with Khiyah in third place, Hanthorne second, and Paloma in first – each hall receiving the proportionate amount of prize money for their house. A huge thank you to all of those who participated. For those who did not get a chance this time around, join us next time – and spread the word!

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I am a 20 year old, Graceland junior, majoring in Human Services. Born in Seattle, I grew up throughout the Pacific Northwest being a student, athlete, and creative writer.

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