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Internationals Represent Graceland in Tennis Nationals

Internationals Represent Graceland in Tennis Nationals

The week has begun, and on Tuesday, the tennis team will be traveling to South Carolina with the mission of bringing back the national championship to Graceland University. From the whole tennis team, only four players will have the opportunity to play in Nationals. Three of these players are part of the international community. Daniele Razo Torres from Mexico City will be leading this prestigious group with his doubles partner Borja Pérez from Bilbao, Spain. Katherine Rodriguez, from Medellin, Colombia, will be the only international student on the women’s team, but she has big expectations in the tournament with her colleague Jessica Worring, the only native of the US.

Every member of the tennis team has amazing talent, but I will focus my attention on the Capitan of the team, Daniele Razo. Razo, as his friends call him, is a junior and is majoring in businesses and economics. October 10th is the date when Nationals start. I asked Razo to tell me about their preparation for Thursday, and he said, “After Regionals, we had 3 days of only stretching, a little bit of running and getting rest for our bodies. Then, in practice, we focused on specific points of our game that we need to get better at. For example, we were working a lot in our doubles game as that is what we are going to play.”

Since Daniele was excited about leaving for nationals, I was wondering how they were feeling as a team, and if they were mentally prepared for it. The Mexico native expressed, “We are feeling good as a team, we are communicating well with each other, which has brought us close as a family. I feel we are going to be one of the most mentally strong teams in the tournament.”

Knowing they are prepared as a team and that they are aiming to win in Nationals, I asked Razo to tell me about their expectations and goals for the tournament. He replied, “Well, the women’s team is much stronger than last year and they are hoping to do an outstanding job in Nationals. For us it is going to be hard because we have to beat a number 1 seed and that is big motivation for us. We have been working hard and I am expecting to make it at least to the semifinals, but we want the gold. We are going to play with all we have and these four players are in their best shape, so the other teams should be afraid. ”

As we can see, the tennis team has been working hard to have the best results possible, and we don’t doubt it. In a closing statement, Razo said, “I am hoping to play professional tennis one day, and if I am lucky, I would love to play for the national team of my home country. I want to thank you guys and the university for the support to the tennis team and also to my family that always has been there for me. I hope that students start following our team because Tennis is one of the best sports that Graceland has.”

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