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14 Facts from the 2014 World Series

14 Facts from the 2014 World Series

The 110th World Series came to a close with the San Francisco Giants 3-2 win over the Kansas City Royals. Across the 7 games it took to bring the matchup to a close, many historical achievements were met and several interesting facts played out over the course of the series and the postseason as a whole, so to recap the events, here are 14 facts from the 2014 World Series:

  1. The Kansas City Royals became the first team in MLB history to win eight consective games to start off the playoffs.
  2. Not a single player on the Royals’ roster has yet to win a World Series.
  3. San Francisco has made six World Series appearances total, winning in 2010, 2012, and 2014.
  4. Both teams entered the postseason as wild card contenders, and this is only second time that has happened. The first occurred in 2002 when San Francisco faced the Anaheim Angels.
  5. This is the 37th time in history that the World Series has gone to 7 games.
  6. The 1985 World Series, also known as the “I-70 Showdown”, between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals also went to a Game 7. The Royals took home the win (11-0) and starting pitcher Bret Saberhagen took home the MVP award.
  7. The 1985 World Series was the Royals first and only championship. The only other time the Royals made it all the way was in 1980, where they lost to Philadelphia, four games to two.
  8. Since 1979, the only other road team besides San Francisco to win a Game 7 was the Pittsburgh Pirates, who beat the Baltimore Orioles 4-1.
  9. Both managers, Bruce Bochy and Nest Yost, appeared in World Series games when they were players. Bochy appeared with the Padres in 1984 and Yost with the Brewers in 1982. Both lost their series.
  10. Giants’ pitcher Jake Peavy became the first player in 37 years to win consecutive World Series as a member of both an AL and NL team. Peavy was a member of the Boston Red Sox in 2013 during their championship run.
  11. The Giants set the record for most wins in a postseason with 12, due to it being the first series where both teams played in the additional Wild Card game (instituted in 2012).
  12. Tim Hudson became the oldest pitcher (39) to start a game 7 in the World Series. This is his first time competing in the World Series.
  13.  Hudson’s start was also the shortest in a WS Game 7 since 1960 (Hudson threw1 and 2/3 innings).
  14. Madison Bumgarner became just the 3rd pitcher to throw 2 starts and 3+ innings as a reliever in a WS. With his 5 innings of relief, he surpassed Curt Schilling as the pitcher to throw the most innings in a single postseason with 52 and 2/3 innings.

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