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International Night: A Cultural Experience

International Night: A Cultural Experience

On November 9th in the Shaw Center, all of the different nations from the international community of Graceland University will come together to show a little bit of their culture for International Night. The International Club prepares this night every year with the mission of bringing everyone together, regardless of which part of the world they come from.

This year’s show will have a diverse mixture of participants that are willing to demonstrate their talent to the audience. There are going to be beautiful performances such as African drumming and dances from Bosnia, Tahiti and Scotland. Also, there will be vocal performances from Mexico, Morocco and Canada. It is an opportunity for the students of Graceland and for the town of Lamoni to understand the different cultures of our diverse international community. Everyone is invited and should go to enjoy all of the surprises from a plethora of different nationalities.

The president of the International Club, Carlos Jimenez from Oaxaca, Mexico, gave his opinion about the show to The Tower: “International Night is one of the biggest events of the year for Graceland University. This is the only event of the year where all the different cultures can share some of their hospitality to the community. Everyone is invited to be part of it; you should come and enjoy the show. ” Carlos and Hungarian international student Dóra Bosnyák will be the ones in charge of hosting this extremely significant night. Thanks to the members of the international Club, Carlos, Dóra and the representative of the club, Diana Jones, this unique event is possible.

As the vice-president of the International Club, I suggest to all people that are interested in a culture that is different from their own to come to the event and learn from others. At International Night, you will experience the great performances by the international students and some special guests, but we will also see all the different nations that are represented in this small town. All of the international students will be there carrying their flags and showing some aspects of their cultures, so don’t be shy and come share this wonderful experience with us.

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