Saturday , January 20 2018
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Cut To That

Cut To That

The GU Players Improv Team put on a free show November 4th, for students looking to lighten up their Tuesday night with some original comedic wit. The show lasted about an hour, and included all kinds of different skits and scenarios, fabricated on the spot by members of the improv team (with a little help from the audience). Some of their games included “freeze tag” in which team members can freeze a scene to jump in or out of the act, and “backwards/forwards” in which a scene transitions between forward action and reverse action and the performers must remember what was said and done in which order. The results were hilarious.

The flow of improv is quite remarkable, seeing as how all the material is thought up on the spot. Typically, the changing topics follow a sort of flow, but the most laughs come when scenes and actions are seemingly random and illogical. There truly is no limit when it comes to improvisation. Senior Becca Perryman explains the methods to their madness. “The key to improv is being a good partner. You have to listen to your teammates and help support the scene without controlling it. Many people think you have to be funny to be able to do improv and that is not necessarily true. As long as you commit to your actions in the scene, make big offers to your partner, and feed off their energy, the funny will happen on its own!”

The GU improv team is a collection of seasoned vets and rookies alike, who practice multiple times a week, and put on free shows throughout the year. If you missed this one, don’t worry, they are planning their next show around Christmas time, and it’s a guaranteed laugh. Perryman insists that the GU Players have started developing more of a presence on campus, participating in large collegiate tournaments just this last year such as the CIT College Improv Tournament and FRACAS at the University of Southern California. They look to explore their boundaries and push the limits this time around, with more imagination and creativity than ever. When it comes to improv, “there is little time to think, only time to be.”

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