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International Night: After The Show

International Night: After The Show

On Sunday, the International show began with an outstanding video from Sofia Jaramillo, a Mexican Graceland alumni. Then, the flags from the different nations of the student body were paraded around the Shaw Center with the official song of the World Cup “Ole Ola” playing in the background. After that, Carlos Jimenez and Dora Bosnyak presented themselves as the hosts of the show. They started calling the names of each country and the international students walked down the stage to show the audience where they come from. Then, the performances initiated.

Caleb Miller, a citizen of the United States, was the one in charge of inaugurating the functions. He amazed the audience with his ability to play the piano and recited the song of the popular HBO show, Game of Thrones. Then, Laura Leighton, from Kansas City, let the audience know about her Scottish heritage with the performance of a native dance from Scotland. Leata Te’o from Samoa played the ukulele and sang, putting a spell over the audience who was shocked by the beauty of her song.  Afterwards, the Canadian Laryssa Vachon went on stage with Sidney Scott and Megan Meeks, from USA, as an a cappella group singing “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson, one of the most talented performances of the show.

Then all the international students with Senior status were called to the stage for the “Senior Moment”. Each international senior had the opportunity to give their words to the community of Graceland before graduating. This was our chance to honor them for sharing their experiences with us. Once the video “Trip the Light” was played, the show was ready to continue and the performers were ready to keep presenting their talents. Zahra El Otmany from Germany, Candy Hernandez from Honduras and Kate Rodriguez from Colombia presented the art of belly dancing. From the city of Morelia, Mexico, Ruben Montes created the most romantic moment in the show when he used his voice and the piano to sing a song by his idol, Mario Domm. Then, Samuel Ansong and David Kazadi, from Ghana and Zambia, respectively, played with the sounds of their traditional African drums making the viewers stand up and dance with the rhythms of Africa. Leata Te’o came to stage again, but this time with Salina Ropati, from California, to act out a traditional Tahitian dance.

The last performances were led by the president of the Latino Club, Jileannette Figueroa. She was responsible for giving some Caribbean spice to the end of the show, and with her salsa dancing, Jileannete stole the hearts of the audience. Then, she invited every person in the Shaw to the stage to follow a Latino dance therapy she prepared. The whole show was a representation of the cultural mixture that Graceland University has, and with the exceptional performances that the students gave that afternoon, we had an experience that will stay in this town forever.

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