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Recycle, Reuse, Reduce!
Sophomores Carrie Tovey and Mackenzie Berg help Solah get a second place victory!

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce!

GU students completed their annual recycle drive house competition this past weekend, collecting as many recyclables as possible in pursuit of points that would transfer into house money for the top three halls. HOCO and Senate members, along with other dedicated students, were hard at work Saturday, collecting, organizing, and counting a huge number of recyclables, from plastic containers to aluminum cans, batteries, and ink cartridges. Each item was worth a specific amount of points, based on size. Containers 20 oz. or less were a point each, 21 oz. or more were two. Each bottle or can had to be properly cleaned and prepped before it could be submitted. The plastics and aluminum were then taken to facility services where they were properly recycled, and the ink cartridges and batteries were left separate to be taken to a specific location in Des Moines for responsible disposal. Cardboard and paper was not collected, although there are multiple places around campus to recycle such items, and glass was not either. The results of the drive were as follows: Cheville took 3rd, with 661 points, Solah came in second with 746 points, and Agape stole first with 896 points.

Although the recycle drive is formatted as a house competition, it’s about more than just winning. This annual event helps raise awareness about recycling, and environmental responsibility as a whole. Each member of the community here in Lamoni makes a difference when it comes to eco-friendly action, no matter how small the task. Every effort counts, and recycling is an easy way to promote responsible behavior in our everyday lives. According to Recycling Revolution, Americans use 2,500,000 plastic bottles every hour – most of which are then thrown away. Recycling those plastic however can save twice as much energy as burning it in an incinerator. The choice is yours.

For those who don’t know, Senate Rep Brooke Lavery gives a little insight into recycling on campus, something we challenge all students to try; “Both Senate and Enactus have been, and will continue to, work on making recycling more convenient for students. For instance, all the blue bins in the residence halls and MSC are for recyclable papers. There is also a bin in Resch for batteries and ink cartridges. If you ever don’t know where to recycle something, take it to facility services! They have lots of options there and they will help you recycle your items correctly.” The key to recycling is to make sure you do it right. Bottles and cans must be cleaned and have the caps removed before they go in the pile. It’s not convenient, but it is worth it. Making good choices now, will lead to better choices down the road.

Senate Rep Brooke Lavery helps organize and count bottles for the winning house, Agape.

Senate Rep Brooke Lavery helps organize and count bottles for the winning house, Agape.

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