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Submission by Emily Taylor: Graceland Football Winning Season

Submission by Emily Taylor: Graceland Football Winning Season

With the snow falling down the team runs out on the field determined to end their season with a win.  The audience roars its approval as the announcer introduces the Graceland Yellowjackets.

Graceland University’s football program ends the season with a record of six wins and five loses after a comeback win in their final game against Evangel.

An intense game was played last Saturday in a snow storm that hit Lamoni around 1 p.m. At halftime of their final game, Graceland was down 0-20. In the second half of the game, Graceland came back and won 30-20 for their senior night.

To get the inside of the team, I talked with Offensive Line/Strength and Conditioning coach Justice Clegg. Curious of how the team turned their season around, Clegg said strongly, “The best quality of the team is that we are closer as a family this season. There aren’t as many groups as last year. Everyone is there for each other. We’re all brothers.”

As a younger coach, Clegg understands how the boys feel while juggling football with academics.

“I’m a younger coach so I can relate to my players. I am known as a player’s coach so I can get onto them, but still be a good friend outside of the field.”

Clegg has worked for Graceland University for two seasons and plans to stay doing what he loves. He believes that the football team is only going up from here. Although they have some weaknesses, they have made a huge improvement since last season.

The coaches along with the Graceland community are excited to see what Spring ball has in store. With the recruits coming next semester, the coaches are excited to see what the team has to offer.

Justice Clegg along with the rest of the coaching staff adores what they do.

“My favorite thing about being a coach is seeing someone get it. Seeing someone improve and enjoy the sport that I love.”

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