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Spotlight: Venezuelan Baseball Player William Salas

Spotlight: Venezuelan Baseball Player William Salas

This week marked the beginning of the season for the Yellowjackets baseball team. The team has been working hard to demonstrate their talent on the diamond.  William Salas, known by his friends as “Romeo”, is one of the most important pieces on the baseball team. The infielder will give The Tower some of his time to talk about the upcoming season.

I first asked William to talk about himself, to tell the readers about who he is on the team and at the university, and he said: “First, I want to give thanks to God for the opportunity. Well, I’m 23 years old and I come from Cabimas, Venezuela. I am also a junior here at Graceland, majoring in business administration and economics. On the team I play the positions of shortstop and second base and hoping one day to get a big opportunity of playing professional baseball or to be a business man.”

Now that we know more about William, I asked him how the preseason has been and how they have been working to be successful this season. He said, “It was a very hardworking preseason, we were focusing our attention and energy on getting in good shape physically by practicing almost everyday since last semester. Also we were preparing ourselves mentally by unifying as a family to be able to face this season with our maximum potential and with big expectations.”

I asked William to talk to me more about these big expectations he has for the team and also to tell to me about his personal goals. He said, “I am expecting great things to happen this season, because we are a very good team and we have been working to show what we can do on the field. Personally, I see a great competitive team and we need to take advantage of that, we just need to keep focusing on all the small things that will make us big and this will take us for sure to where we want to be, which is finishing first in the conference. The most important goal for me is to be there for my team and do everything I have to do when they need me, keeping our legacy, which is ‘we before me.’”

I want to give my gratitude to William for giving up some of his time and I asked him for any last comments that he wanted to express. He said, “I would like to make sure that Graceland knows that the baseball team is really committed and we are going to give everything we have on the field. Finally, I want to dedicate this season to my family who I really love and miss, and to all my friends because they are always there for me, giving me an extra support to keep doing what I love the most.” This weekend the baseball team will be traveling to Oklahoma to play against Mid-American Christian University, hoping to bring back some positive news to Graceland. Their first game at home will be against Mount Mercy University on March 7th and they are hoping students will come and support them.

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