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Spring Break Options for International Students

Spring Break Options for International Students

Spring Break is coming soon for the students of Graceland University. The majority of the students are looking for a fun, warm and affordable place to spend their time on Spring Break. As an international student, I understand that it is difficult to go back home and also the awkward feeling of not knowing which place to go during your Spring Break. Trying to help our international readers, I will suggest some good places and options on where and how you can have a fun and affordable Spring Break.

If you are looking for something big and wild to do in your Spring Break, being a tourist in some place is the best option. Going by yourself might be fun but organizing a trip with your fellow students and closest friends will make your Spring Break an unforgettable experience. The most well-known international destinations for college students are Cancun in Mexico and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I have been lucky enough to visit these two different parts of the world. Both locations have a crazy party scene and beaches of paradise. The big difference between them is that Cancun is a much bigger and more expensive. Both are incredible vacation spots, but Punta Cana is the most affordable, which is obviously an important factor for college students.  In the US, Panama City Beach, Florida and South Padre Island, Texas, are two very popular Spring Break destinations for college students. These locations might be the best for you if you are an international student looking to party “American style.” Although these are the most popular locations, I encourage you to go and explore other places because you will probably have a more exciting and fascinating experience by discovering the beauty of new places.

Many of my high school friends also came to the United States to continue their college education. If this is also true for you, I recommend that you check to see what are they up to for Spring Break. Even if you or your friends do not have break during the same week, you might be able to go and visit them; you never know. Or maybe they can come to visit and you can show them the town of Lamoni during their breaks. Some international students also have relatives in the states. It is always worth asking what their plans are for the week if you’re looking to stay at a place with family that might remind you of home. Or, if you made a good friend with a student from the states, you can perhaps make plans to go back to their hometown with them, and immerse yourself even more in American culture by experiencing a town other than Lamoni.

For international students, there is always a possibility that we will get stuck right here in town.  In that case, staying on campus is always a good option, but it also helps if you have a friend off campus who you can stay with as well. If you have to stay at the dorms, there is a good possibility that other international students will have to stay there too. Also, you should always ask who is around so you can hang out with other students rather than staying by yourself in a room. If this is the case for you, I recommend talking with Diana Jones, the director of international programs. She will find a way for international students to have a great break in town.

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