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To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird

On April 1st I went to see a play adaptation of the famous American novel To Kill a Mockingbird at the Shaw Center. As an international student, I didn’t know this was a classic in American literature before arriving to the US.  I went to the play because I didn’t know much about the novel, just that it was part of this country’s classic literary canon and came out of the play knowing that it was an amazing work.

As someone who has not read the book, I considered this play amazing. The audience of the play has to be more than thankful with the wonderful job the National Players did on stage. The National Players is a group of actors that brings different productions adapting dramatic literature works across the country. Right now, they are celebrating their 66th anniversary and are still getting to share some of their talent to many different schools. All the actors of the play did an outstanding job, which made the audience stand up and clap at the end. From the roster of actors, Jacob Mundell, who played Atticus, Hannah Mckechnie who played Scout, and Anthony Golden Jr. who portrayed Tom Robinson, made their audience realize that the social problems we saw on stage are still present in our community.

However, I was surprised that Graceland University never gives that much attention to events like this. There was little to no advertisement for this play; I only knew about it because I have a friend in the theater department. The next day, I heard more than one comment like, “I wished I could have gone to that play, but I didn’t know about it.”

Our mailboxes are filled with advertisements about attending to church or COSA events or asking about our payments, but when we talk about supporting the art departments we receive zero notice about their events. However, the Shaw center had a good audience; there were not many students at the play but there was a lot of support from the teachers and the community of Lamoni. So the question is, who is in charge of advertising events, and could they be doing a better job to give these special occasions some publicity?

Despite this problem, I want to give a thanks to the National Players for coming to this small school and demonstrating some of their talent. Even though the community wasn’t able to show much appreciation through the number of attendees, I believe that those present at the play had a great experience thanks to their effort.

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