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Beresford Senior Art Show: “The Moment”

Beresford Senior Art Show: “The Moment”

It’s safe to say Senior Brandon Beresford has seen a lot of moments come and go through the years, whether in the classroom, on the soccer field, or just kicked back with friends in his home away from home here at Graceland. So what’s the significance of moment? What does it mean?

Beresford hopes to awaken something in his audience that perhaps we’ve overlooked time and time again. It’s been said that life is simply a collection of single moments, in no particular order and with no particular meaning; making the very truth of our existence only what we believe it to be. How we remember our past and the meaning we assign to it is the making of a story – our story. In each original Beresford piece you will get a glimpse into what it means to be alive, through the eyes of a true artist.

“For most of the collection I tried to capture athletes in a moment of complete focus,” Brandon explained. “The main emphasis is on the Graceland Mens Soccer team, but I also have some track athletes and one basketball player.” Although the original photos are not Beresfords own, he begins his graphic design process by uploading them to a computer and using Adobe Illustrator to change the original into his own creation. “It’s a very time consuming process,” Beresford admits. “You have to want to do it.”

What started out as a single class assignment turned into something much bigger, a whole collection, and his senior art show. With that said, this project has turned into a running process, taking over a year to actually complete and morphing into a very meaningful experience for both artist and viewers. Beresford’s sense of inspiration came from a desire to capture people doing what they love and express it in a new way. “Once you change the photo, it means something different,” he articulated, “and by changing the way you look at it, it can help you remember the moment just that much better.” Brandon helps us remember what’s really important in life by freezing a body in motion and preserving it for eternity.

His artwork went on display Monday, April 27th and be up until May 8th. The reception will be held May 7th at 6 pm in the Helene, so stop by to celebrate Brandon and all his hard work. Although GU student athletes were the focus of this show, Beresford also incorporates other influences, primarily his personal favorite artist Donald Glover under stage name Childish Gambino. Prints will be available for sale, $20 for the 12×18 size and $30 for the larger 24×38 posters. Beresford will also have some sort of business cards available for those wishing to learn more about his unique graphic design process or potentially get their own photos done.

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