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Coffee and Books: A Senior Art Exhibit

Coffee and Books: A Senior Art Exhibit

Friday April 17th, marked the date of Bryan Tidwell’s senior art show, “Coffee and Books” in the Helene. Tidwell’s work went on display until April 24th, and included various original posters, hand drawn book covers, and other unique Tidwell products such as coffee mugs and t-shirts.

His art work was designed to portray a local and family owned coffee shop, and represent the relationship between a rich cup of coffee and a good book. The artist’s work stemmed from his own personal interests and passions, and was quite distinctive in the overall look and quality. The book covers are all hand drawn, with simple silhouette artwork, clean lines, and stark contrast. Tidwell’s drawings were then digitized and printed, including the Lord of the Rings Trilogy – his personal favorite -The Hobbit, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Moby Dick. “Each cover incorporates some key element from the book,” Tidwell explained, whose fresh takes on popular novels was not only intriguing but modestly captivating.

In the center of the display room was a table center piece, with four chairs, coffee mugs, and bookmarks. The rest of his work was presented around the outside of the room, with soft lighting and a calm ambiance – as if you really were in a cozy little coffee shop, perhaps inspired by a local coffee shop in his hometown of Casper Wyoming.

coffee (1)

coffee (3)

coffee (2)

Tidwell estimates he spent about 80 hours creating his pieces and getting his display ready for the show. “I’m just glad it’s done,” Tidwell joked, with a smile.

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