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Graceland had Something for Everyone this Halloween
COSA members dress in horrifying costumes for the Haunted Library

Graceland had Something for Everyone this Halloween

Halloween brings candy to trick-or-treaters and knocks at the door for homeowners, but what can college students do on a holiday seemingly catered to children? Halloween season at Graceland did not disappoint, presenting a number of activities for everyone, including music lovers, baseball fans and thrill-seekers.

Graceland Baseball held it’s second annual Halloween game on October 23, welcoming GU students and kids of Lamoni alike. Any kid 12 or under in a costume got to meet the players, run the bases, and get a bag of candy. The baseball players dressed up too, in costumes ranging from hot dog to hula girl. The game was light-hearted and fun, as players ran the bases in ridiculous costumes, scrimmaging against their friends. The team welcomed a big turn out of community members and Graceland students alike, everyone excited to see Superman and Luke Skywalker play baseball, among other characters.

COSA also joined in on the Halloween fun to provide a spooky treat for students on October 29. The campus organization transformed the F.M. Smith library from quiet place of study in to a house of horror! Students waited on the main floor for their turn to ride up the elevator and step off into complete blackness. Haunted library visitors crawled between shelves, only to scream as something grabbed their foot. The course weaved throughout the entire top floor of the library, finishing in the “Freak Show,” featuring a mime, angry gorilla, and circus ringmaster.

Music lovers got to have their own Halloween celebration on October 30 at the Orchestra’s Halloween concert. The orchestra was decked out in Halloween costumes, a fun way to shake up their traditional black uniform. Community members and students attended to hear the incredible orchestra play in crazy costumes.

Not to be outdone, the Commons got in on the Halloween fun. On October 30, the Commons held a “Spooktacular Dinner,” allowing students to get a steak with GBucks. Scary music playing overhead, students dined with seasonal decorations around them. The most anticipated event of the Halloween dinner, students also voted in Sodexo’s pumpkin carving contest. Each house carved and decorated a pumpkin, and whichever pumpkin received the most votes got catering money from Sodexo. These pumpkins were more than the average Jack-O-Lantern, featuring a Walking Dead pumpkin, one with the GU logo, and another with a live fish inside!

For students who get homesick during Halloween, the residence halls provided a nostalgic visit on October 31. Kids from Lamoni arrived in costume at Walker and Tess Morgan halls to trick-or-treat. Graceland students passed out candy to the kids, some the children of their professors, and remembered what it was like to trick-or-treat at home.

The final event of the weekend was Halloween Choices. The dance club that occurs every Friday and Saturday in town at The Alley was replaced with costume-clad students who danced the spooky night away. Other students stayed in their dorm rooms and watched horror movies with friends. More than a few screams were heard echoing from the residence halls on October 31.

No matter who you are, Graceland had something to offer this Halloween.

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