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Hogwarts Takes Over Lamoni for New Year’s in November
The houses are represented Hogwarts-style as part of New Year's in November decorations.

Hogwarts Takes Over Lamoni for New Year’s in November

This year’s New Year’s in November celebration was certainly unique. COSA decided on a Harry Potter themed event for the annual celebration of New Year’s. COSA created NYIN over twenty years ago to allow students to celebrate New Year’s with their school friends even though winter break keeps students from celebrating at school. The idea of having New Year’s Eve in November was humorous at first, but the night has turned into one of COSA’s biggest events of the year.

The MSC main room was transformed over the course of a week into what looked like a scene out of Harry Potter. Brad Carr, COSA advisor, says COSA members and friends began decorating the MSC main room the Monday before the event, working every night until midnight to ensure the night would be a success. Carr says, “Every year I get nervous that New Year’s in November won’t be as good as last year, or that everything won’t get done in time. I should know better by now! It’s always wonderful.”

And wonderful it was. When Saturday, November 14 came, everything was prepared. Guests danced under candles hanging from the ceiling that resembled Hogwart’s Great Hall. Students could take pictures in Hagrid’s Hut, in front of the castle, or in one of the photo booths. A giant, steaming cauldron in the middle of the dance floor set the scene of Potions class, and guests could also stop by the Leaky Cauldron for an unusual drink. Outside the MSC main room, students could get an airbrush tattoo, a caricature drawing, sample some of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, or play Quidditch!

After the countdown to midnight, the dance wound down and students made their way to the commons for a 1am biscuits and gravy breakfast. The event received great student reception. Carr says, “The theme was fun and allowed people to be creative, and this year’s NYIN ranks up there with some of the best we’ve ever had.” The only complaint? “Students wished it was an hour longer!”

On behalf of COSA, Brad Carr would like to thank everyone who came out to celebrate. He says, “It would be a bust without the student body’s support. The secret to any successful event is to make students the focal point. It’s put on for students, by students, and we appreciate students’ support of our hard work.”

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