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Endless Books and Movies Available Through Interlibrary Loan

Endless Books and Movies Available Through Interlibrary Loan

You’ve wanted your best friend to watch the Star Wars trilogy for ages, but you don’t own them, and there aren’t any movie rental places in town. You want to listen to the newest Adele CD, but you don’t want to spend fifteen dollars to do so. You’re writing a research paper for class, and the library doesn’t have any books about your topic. Can you relate to any of these problems?

Luckily, the library can order almost any book, CD, or DVD for you to check out for free! This service is called “interlibrary loan,” and it allows the Graceland library to ask other libraries around the country for items that the GU library doesn’t have. It usually takes about a week or less for requests to arrive, and then you will be emailed by the library to come check out your item. And requesting items online is easy to do!

Follow these steps to request an item from interlibrary loan:
Visit library.graceland.edu.
In the middle of the page, you will see the words, “Search WorldCat for Interlibrary Loan Items.” Click these words.

Log in with your myGraceland password.
Now, you’re brought to a search engine page. Type in the name of whatever item you want to search.

Once you find what you’re looking for, click on the item.

Click the blue “request item” button.

Scroll down to fill out your information so the library can contact you. Fill in the required fields. You will not be charged for anything you order.

Once submitted, all you have to do now is to wait for an email from the library letting you know that your request has arrived! At the library, head to the circulation desk and ask for your interlibrary loan.

You can also check out journal articles from interlibrary loan. These are emailed to you quickly, often within a day. While searching the Graceland databases, if you come across an article that you are not able to view, this is because Graceland does not own the article. Click on “request through interlibrary loan” to have the article emailed to you from another library for free.

This is a great resource that few students are familiar with. Keep in mind that new books, CDs, or movies may take longer to come in because the other library may lend it out to their patrons first. Also, you can not request any ebooks through this service. The amount of time you’re allowed to keep the item depends on the lending library, but most allow renewals. Whether you need library materials for school or for fun, interlibrary loan is an excellent place to look!

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