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Student Directors Need YOU to Audition!

Student Directors Need YOU to Audition!

This is a unique year for the theatre department here at Graceland University. Not only is Graceland officially running two avant-garde-esque shows, one of which will be directed by a special guest director, but there will also be eight 20-minute one-act shows from the students of the Directing II class. And they need YOUR help!

This Friday, February 12th, The Directing II is holding auditions for any student, faculty, or townie to try out for the 8 twenty minute one-acts. Auditions will be held from 6-10 PM and require two 30 second monologues, one comedic and one dramatic.  Don’t sweat over these monologues, they could be from anything!  Your favorite TV show, book quote, joke, ANYTHING!  The directors will ask a few questions, and then the tryout will be over! If the actor is lucky enough, then they will be asked to callbacks Saturday, February 13th, for another read-through.   You can sign-up for auditions in the Shaw Theatre hallway on the call-back board OR you can go to this URL to sign up virtually.

The students are more than excited for their shows. Here are all 8 synopses for each One-Act.

Supremo Vs. Dr. Decaf,  written by Braden Austin and directed by Kenzie Cox

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.54.34 AM

Supremo Vs. Dr. Decaf is a farcical play about a superhero and his evil nemesis going at it yet again. Dr. Decaf steals the one thing that gives Supremo his powers in hopes to put an end to him. This is a tale of fighting crime and obscure love.

Requires 5-6 actors

Welcome to Garvie, written by Lucy Acland and directed by Derek Burton

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.56.25 AM

In the small town of Garvie, Scotland, an empty train station patiently waits for tourists to land on its doorstep, but this only happens once in a blue moon. What lies just beyond the town is the Olde Las, the local insurmountable mountaintop. Legend has it if you take from the mountain, the mountain takes from you.

Requires 4 actors

Think of Her, the Rest is Easy, written by Kirk Peterson and directed by Braden Austin

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.51.52 AM

This play follows the journey of Jason Drake, a diehard Batman fan. Jason admires Batman for all the heroic deeds that he has done, until one horrible event made him lose hope in humanity and heroics. He meets an unlikely friend who shows him what truly happened that awful night. Eventually, Jason finds the heroic deeds in himself, and, through this, comes to terms with what happened.

Requires 7 actors

Unholy Trinity, written by Gracie Wardle and directed by Kyle DePriest

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.55.39 AM

During an average church service one morning, a dysfunctional couple learns of an affair that ended with an STD. The anger between them rattles the congregation more than the second coming of Christ.

Requires 4 actors who aren’t afraid to go above and beyond!

Suicidal, written by Maceson Spencer and directed by Briana Bendorf.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.56.51 AM

The play is about a young man, Tom, who is at a low point in his life and is ready to commit suicide. He is then given a diagnosis that will turn his world upside-down. In the play, you will see what Tom does in reaction to his diagnosis, all the while learning more about life.

Requires 7 actors.

Under the Cinema Eye written and directed by Kirk Peterson

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.53.44 AM

Diana has many aspirations and dreams, but unfortunately she’s being held back managing her local movie theatre. Things become strange when her boyfriend skips town and she discovers a suitcase that belongs to the mafia. Will Diana survive an onslaught on her theatre and will she escape from the monotony of managing a small time business and life in general?

Requires 6 actors

Two Pennies, written by Mariah Kliegl and directed by Molly Crump

Lewis is a 25 year old college graduate living in Seattle, Washington with his roommate, Gordon, who was his friend in college. Lewis is dating Penny, a 21 year old in her last semester of college. Penny is invited to Lewis’s apartment to find out he has been dating another girl, May, for the past year and a half. Penny and Lewis take a quick walk to the convenience store across the street to buy a lighter. They encounter the 18-year-old cashier, Leila. Penny leaves Lewis’s apartment unsure of what to make of the situation. She sees Leila sitting outside the convenience store and learns she has recently broken up with her boyfriend. Even though they are young and don’t know everything about love, they still teach each other a valuable lesson about relationships.

Outside the Lines written by Will Ward and directed by Steve Hensley

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.55.00 AM

Will Ward was thinking outside the box when he wrote Outside the Lines. This piece gives you a humorous view of how a playwright goes about creating his vision of a play. Joel is a 22-year-old waiter who is trying to make it as a professional playwright. Joel begins to jump in and out of reality as his characters bring up the truth in his profession and personal life. The characters within Joel’s mind might just have the answers he’s looking for.

These student directors would love to see you on Friday at auditions! For more information, visit the Facebook page, Student Directed Plays 2016.

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