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Vote in the 2016 GSG Elections!
Current candidates for GSG positions at Bearpits Monday night.

Vote in the 2016 GSG Elections!

It’s that time of the year again; it’s Graceland Student Government election season. Every year, students from varying majors and backgrounds put themselves on trial in order to enter the race to improve everyday student life here at Graceland. On Monday, these prospective GSG officers ran the gauntlet for their prospective office at Bearpits, withstanding the torrent of questions from the audience in order to win their appeal. Yesterday, they stood in front of curious members of the student body as they delivered a speech containing their hopes for the upcoming year and what uniquely qualifies them to hold their position. Today, they wait patiently to see if their efforts bear any fruit.

In order to get a better look at what some of the GSG candidates are getting into, or to see potential motivators for them, I interviewed our current Academic Student Council President: Griff Cady. One of Griff’s main motivators going into the elections was himself; he wanted the experience. He thought that the management experience that a GSG officer position would supply would be vital in the future for a job or other potential activities. Griff also really appreciated what ASC stands for and everything it does for the Graceland student body. While he did look to himself as his main motivator, he said that the support from his friends was what finalized his decision to run. His friends told him what a great job he would do and that he was the best man for the job which successfully steeled his nerves going into the application process. A big result of being ASC president over the past year was becoming more efficient with his time. Being a Biology major and running ASC simultaneously can do that to someone; he needed to put more of an emphasis on getting things done so that he had time for everything. However, he said that all of it was worth it because he got to see the ASC reps and council members follow through with the projects that they wanted to do and saw how well they all worked together. In the end, Griff is “Okay with it being over but would definitely do it again if [he] had the chance.” All of the time that Griff put into ASC generated stress, but it was “positive stress” which allowed him to focus on tasks and caused him to finish them more promptly. As a whole, the office of ASC president brought a “positive growing experience.”

Now that you know what is going on inside the head of a current GSG officer, you know how much the experience could mean to someone who’s running for a position this year. Make sure you vote for your future GSG officers Wednesday, February 17, until 5 pm on MyGraceland!

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