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Who is Chris Peasley?
The signature greeting of Chris Peasley.

Who is Chris Peasley?

Known around campus for his signature phrase, “eyay,” with a hand gun gesture followed by a kiss sound, Chris Peasley is one of the most famous students at Graceland University. Chris comes from Lancing, Michigan, but now calls Dimondale, Michigan his home. He discovered Graceland University while attending Spectacular, a Community of Christ-sponsored church camp held in the summer. At the start of his freshman year, he arrived at Graceland and immediately became involved in multiple programs. It’s a safe assumption to say that Chris is very musically gifted. He is majoring in Music Performance with an emphasis in Voice Performance and is involved in both choirs on campus. He sings baritone in the choirs and plays the clarinet. He grew up doing musicals, plays, and anything theatre-related in the church as well as high school. His mom’s side of the family is where he gets his love for the performing arts. It is safe to say that it’s in the Peasley blood to be involved in music. Chris has also been a representative for ASC, Chaplains, and the Campus Ministries worship team!

Chris has a personality that is easily one-of-a-kind. He loves to make people laugh and smile while also being quick to offer a helping hand whenever and wherever he can. Chris says that he just wants to make an impact on people, and, most importantly, this campus. When asked how he deals with people who don’t like him, he responded by saying, “I am not phased by what people say about me, and I still want to be their friend, even if they think I’m weird.”

Now, if you’re like me, you’re wondering where Chris picked up his signature phrase, “eyay.” The answer I got from him was not nearly what I was expecting to hear, but it sure was interesting. He says that “eyay” started as a new way to say “Solah,” since their logo is a sigma and an alpha, thus the “E A”. “People kept saying it for a while, but I thought it was really funny so I kept saying it. The next thing I knew, everyone was saying it to me,” Chris says. I also asked him where he got the idea for the hand gun, which he credits to his Agape house member, Kyle Wilson.

Chris is currently in his fourth year, although he says that he has, at least, one more year left. After graduation, he plans to move to California or New York City and see where his life takes him. He’s not sure what kind of work he wants to do quite yet, but he’s sure it will be related to music.


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