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Top 10 Last Minute Spring Break Ideas

Top 10 Last Minute Spring Break Ideas

If you’re anything like your classmates, chances are you’re a procrastinator. Thankfully, I’ve come up with a list of Top 10 spring break ideas that are sure to make everlasting memories. So, let’s strap in our seatbelts and get this show on the road!

1. Go on a road trip. Grab a couple of pals and hit the road. Plane tickets aren’t the most accessible to college students, so cut costs by driving to a destination. Don’t know where to go? Get a map, close your eyes, and point. Travel within the U.S can be a breeze by car, but if it isn’t, the end goal will be that much more savory. And anyways, the drive is half the adventure!

2. Read a good book. Spring break is all about letting go and relaxing. What’s a better way to do that than to curl up into a ball and become absorbed by the pages. Find a good book and you’re all set! What’s more, reading is good at keeping your creativity flowing and your brain thinking. So here’s to not getting dumber!

3. Explore your town and all its sights. If you’re going home for spring break, take the time to truly appreciate your town. Go to your favorite local restaurants, support local businesses, and take the time to see all the sights that might make your town unique. BE A TOURIST!

4. Take up or perfect a hobby. Often times, going into college, we must leave hobbies that make us unique. Take this week to pick up a new hobby or catch up on the one you’ve left behind. Don’t know what to do? Try crocheting, running, or something practical like folding clothes. Whatever your hobby may be, enjoy it. Make it your own.

5. Enjoy good food and good friends. Something as simple as having a dinner party can add some spunk to your week. Take the time to find a fun recipe you’ve never tried, invite some friends over, and start cooking. Good friends enjoying good food- what could go wrong?

6. Go on a hike. Across the nation, state parks and nature reserves are curated to the entertainment of you. Take in the best of early spring by enjoying the great outdoors. The exercise alone should be enough, not to mention sparked exploration, memorable experiences, and taking in all the sights and sounds.

7. Volunteer. Finding yourself with plenty of free-time this spring break? Go volunteer! Volunteering not only helps your community- it also looks great on a resume. Employers are looking for people that are active in their communities and have experience working, so it could help you there. And hey, it might even make you feel good.

8. Catch some waves! Have you been frugal these past couple of months in preparation for spring break? Splurge on a vacation to Florida! College students across the nation continue to flock to this southern paradise for white sand beaches and good times. Whether you know what you’re doing there or not, you are bound to have a good time.

9. Catch up on sleep. The second semester has been rolling for a little under two months now, and boy, am I tired! Most college students have the challenge of juggling work, athletics, and academics, which adds an enormous amount of stress to our everyday lives. Well, what better time to catch up on missing sleep than now? So, have yourself a nice meal, hitch a hammock under some trees, and catch some Z’s.

10. Study. Although this sounds like an outrageous proposal, take the time to study your academics this spring break. Just like basketball, if you don’t play for a while you lose it. If you don’t exercise your mind for a week, you may forget valuable information. Driving or flying to your destination? Take this time to do homework before you begin your break.

Whether you’ve arranged plans or not, you now have ten awesome ideas for spring break under your belt. And, above all else, remember that your break doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive to be fun. Find fun in the little things.

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