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The GSG Fight is Over!

The GSG Fight is Over!

The fight for GSG positions 2k16 is finally over, and I am here to give you the rundown of the winners of each position. So without further ado, here are your new GSG Officers for the 2016-17 school year:

The winner out of the COSA corner is Hayley Rankin!

House: Solah

Year: Sophomore12742790_10205255110408459_6827921027273604461_n

Major: Elementary Education with endorsements in reading and coaching.

New Ideas: New comedians, magicians, glow runs, and more dances. Wants to put the power of new ideas in the student body’s hands.

Why She Likes COSA: It brings diverse people from around campus all together, and the events make college a little less stressful.

Excited About: Expanding on homegrown events, and bringing new events to campus.

Role Model: Her mother because she is not only hardworking but also the nicest person she knows. Hayley says that she gets her best traits from her.


The winner coming to us from the Intramurals corner is Maddi Borrison!

House: Shalom

12662584_10207128104139411_937963030750757019_nYear: Junior

Major: Sports Management & Business Administration

New Ideas: Wants to bring more diversity to intramurals and better incorporate activities for non-typical sports enthusiasts.

Why She Likes IMs: “It brings together the majority of campus, including off-campus students, and it creates stronger house bonds.”

Excited About: Being able to make sure that everyone at Graceland has a good experience with IMs.

Role Model: Her biggest role model is her big brother. She admires that he is able to tell when someone is in need of a friend.


The winner coming to us from the ASC corner is Sean O’Keefe!11416411_10153637467398183_2506755556012836934_o (1)

House: Cheville

Year: Junior

Major: Biology & Chemistry

New Ideas: Different ways for students to recognize ASC for what it does, and not just for its name.

Why He Likes ASC: Loves that it helps students perform better academically, whether that is through helping them de-stress or by giving them information beneficial to their studies.

Excited About: Looking forward to helping out students next year in any way that he can.

Role Model: His mom- no matter what difficulties impede her path, she overcomes them and keeps moving forward.


The winner from the Chaplains corner is Katelyn Metcalf!10644979_10154080502780353_2255917652400718687_n

House: Aponivi

Year: Sophomore

Major: English with a Secondary Education endorsement & a minor in Church Leadership.

New ideas: She wants to continue bringing new things to the organization and keep building on the awesome things that Dylan has accomplished already.

Why She Likes CHC: The bond that is shared- “it’s like being a part of one big family”.

Excited About: Integrating the Campus Ministries Team with the House Chaplains.

Role Model: Her mom is her role model because she strong and hardworking. Katelyn gets her drive and ambition from her.


The winner from the Senate corner is Devin Rose!12743503_10156484397370058_3630155664159001584_n

House: Faunce

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology & Criminal Justice

New Ideas: He wants to form an appropriations committee whose sole job is to make sure the heads of clubs and departments know how much money Senate has and that they are ready to meet any needs that may come up.

Why He Likes Senate: Senate can be an absolute powerhouse among the organizations, and he loves the potential it has. He compares it to waking up a sleeping giant.

Excited About: Getting the job. Plain and simple.

Role Model: He has lots of role models, and it’s not easy to pick just one. “I’d say the most influential is my girlfriend, Caitlin Weeks, because her work ethic is infectious and her love and support was, and is, much needed. My COSA rep and good friend Andrew (aka Snowman) is also a big role model because he’s very loyal and genuine. Also, Powell’s HP Cameron Harder, because if it weren’t for those late night K&G runs and endless hours of hallway hockey and video games our freshman year, I might’ve never had a best friend, and thus, might’ve never continued my GU career.”


The winner from the CHP corner is Bryn Nilsen!

12798846_10206099889515834_6985907453432637797_nHouse: Closson

Year: Junior

Major: Biology & Chemistry

New Ideas: Each CHP president brings something different to the table each year. So he will be bringing his own personality and ideas for how to help foster a successful community of house presidents. He usually goes with the flow and some of his best ideas come at the very last minute, so we’ll see what he will come up with!

Why He Likes CHP: What he has loved the most about being HP and being a part of the CHP group is having so many opportunities to build relationships with others, whether it’s on the hall, or with the other HPs. “Our group of HPs has become very close and I really appreciate having 16 friends from all of the different halls. Having that support has been so helpful during the stressful parts of being a house president,” he says.

Excited About: Seeing who next year’s HP’s will be!

Role Model: His biggest role model is his freshman year house president, Jeremy. He was the first person to show him how much of an impact that house presidents can make on the lives of Graceland students.


The winner for GSG President is Alex Craven!12719524_10153637467633183_4488476808810159071_o

House: Agape

Year: Junior

Major: Business Administration & Economics

New Ideas: Trying to incorporate all the different types of people and ideas that he can to give people the best “Graceland experience” they can get.

Why He Likes GSG President: It has given him an incredible experience.

Excited About: Seeing how he can make an impact.

Role Model: His dad because he’s a hard worker and sets a great example of how to conduct yourself, and treat others.


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