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What’s New in The Helene Center?

What’s New in The Helene Center?

It’s that time of the year again: March. It’s time, yet again, for a whole series of Senior art shows to go up in the Helene Center. The first two shows currently up in the student galleries are Oswaldo Herrera’s Of Love and Relationships and Jasmine Morales’s Epona.

Herrera’s Of Love and Relationships showcases a series of digital illustrations paired with short stories on the themes of “Love, Heartbreak, and Evolution.” From the show description:

“The emotions in these stories drive my work, feelings, and life. Words allow me to internalize my emotions and release them. Similarly, through graphic design, I can explore the effects of these emotions in how I see the world.”

Epona, by Jasmine Morales uses a combination of paintings, illustrations, and paper-crafting to explore themes of nature and beauty. From the show description: “There is a moment where nature and design are in harmony. Epona celebrates the preciousness and fragility of life and beauty. Floating paper lanterns linger and drift above eye level to illuminate a pathway. Vibrant birds stare back from circular mirrors, catching a reflection in hopes of awakening a sense of identity.”

Both of these shows will be on display until the end of February.

In other, art-related news, a guest art show is currently on display in the Helene Constance Gallery. Des Moines artist Buffalo Bonkers’ show Faces takes familiar images and paintings and repurposes them through some sort of distortion, whether that be through cropping, stretching or a change in perspective. The pieces in this show raise a lot of interesting questions about what constitutes something as an original work of art as well as the role of the artist and their interpretations. From the show description: “Bonker’s postmodern paintings experiment with the distortion and repurposing of recognizable imagery. Through the use of cropping, distorting and rotating, new paintings are created with new perspectives and compositions. Parts of the original image continue to hint to the images previous version.”

Faces will be on display in the Constance Gallery until March 25, 2016.

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