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Graceland Student Celebrates Calendar Alignment

Graceland Student Celebrates Calendar Alignment

Guest Contribution: Anonymous

LAMONI, IA- One student leader gathered in the MSC over Sodexo’s finest brownies and hot chocolate last Wednesday to commemorate the Graceland administrative decision to remove Winter Term a year ago. “It was just a hassle. I came to Graceland strictly to run track and catch the attention of a larger school… maybe earn a scholarship, too. Winter Term just stood in the way of extra time I could use to train…. and maybe get me out of here,” responded Lisa Jones, a Sophomore Communications major from Lawrence Kansas. She, by herself, had a pleasant night full of laughter, food, and music to commemorate the milestone in Graceland University’s proud history. To top off the night, keynote speaker, Mr. Yost, had nothing but great things to say about the change. “I’ve spent the past nine years inhabiting the Lamoni township and providing an average future for my students. It just sickened me every year to waste an entire month devoted to specialized classes and life-altering experiences. Mediocracy is greatly admirable in the workplace these days. Why would we want Graceland students to stand out if they have the opportunity to be normal students like the thousands pouring out of cheaper state schools when that is exactly what employers are looking for? That just doesn’t make sense.”


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