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Taking The App Store By Storm

Taking The App Store By Storm

You know the company, the name, and the sound effects, but how much do you really know about “Supercell,” the masterminds behind this awesome app franchise?

It all started with Hay Day, but, yes, they also make Clash of Clans, and they’ve made lots of money on it. According to venturebeat.com, the company pulled in $1.7 BILLION in revenue in 2014. Now, of course, they have multiple apps that they pull all of this from, but most is from Clash of Clans and the people who fall for the “pay to win” formula of buying gems to help build things quicker. Their newest game released in early March globally is called Clash Royale. This game quickly rose to the #1 spot in the app store for both Android and iOS users.

Now if you don’t know anything about the game and you played Clash of Clans, the two are not the same, in my opinion. Clash Royale is a much faster-paced game. You don’t have to wait days for the building and troop upgrades to finish. Also, on CoC, you had to select which troops to train and wait for them to finish before you could attack anyone.

So let me give you the basic run-down of this game. You start out at zero trophies and work your way up playing opponents head-to-head. The more trophies you have, the higher your level, the higher the arena, and the better cards you can obtain. There are new characters, but there are plenty of familiar troops from CoC like giants, barbarians, hog riders, and witches. You can take 8 cards into a battle with you and the rest are just in your inventory. You level up your troops based on what you find when opening a chest. Chests are acquired through winning battles and getting crowns. For those of you who like the team aspect of a game, you will not be disappointed. You can join a clan with your friends and battle them or share cards with each other to help them level up quicker.

I am not one to usually get hooked up on apps for my phone, but this game has certainly caught my attention. It isn’t too time-consuming, or too easy. Supercell nailed the balance of time you need to spend attending the game, and how long battles take. On a scale of 1 to 10; this game gets a well deserved 9 from me.

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