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10 Graceland Traditions We Need To Bring Back

10 Graceland Traditions We Need To Bring Back

There are tons of classic and unique traditions at Graceland University, from candle passings to painting the bell. However, some of our best traditions are behind us, and I believe it’s time to bring them back.

1. The Ebenezer Scrooge award

This award hung outside the office door of the faculty member chosen for giving the hardest assignments and toughest exams. Barbara Higdon was reportedly proud of winning the award multiple times.

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2. Pranks

Alumni have numerous stories of classic pranks they used to pull on one another in the dorms. There’s no doubt that pranks still occur in the dorms, but if you want to step up your game, you may take some advice from these masters. Pranks included launching water balloons at people from the windows of Graybill, or launching fruit against the wall! One alumni mentioned filling a large envelope with shaving cream, slipping the opening under someone’s door, and then jumping on the envelope, sending shaving cream spraying into the room!

3. Late night trips to the Dinner Bell in Eagleville, MO

This was a favorite pastime of several alumni with whom I spoke. This restaurant, located in Eagleville, serves the biggest and best cinnamon rolls. Students used to drive down at 2am or later to enjoy the delicacies at this 24-hour restaurant.

dinner bell

4. Rubbing F. M. Smith’s nose for good luck

The bust of Frederick Madison Smith just inside the library doors is said to have brought good luck to students back in the day. Students rubbed his nose before a test to remember everything they needed to. Try it out next time you’ve got a challenging exam!

5. The Aaron crawl

Each year at Homecoming, Aaron house would army crawl all the way from the dorms to the football field for the game. What better way to show your school spirit than getting down and dirty for your team? Hopefully we’ll see this level of commitment at Homecoming 2016.

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6. Crescents

“Crescent” used to be a house council position on women’s halls. The Crescent was responsible for promoting a spirit of kindness and helpfulness, especially for incoming freshmen, and for recognizing everyone’s birthdays. This sweet house member would be a fun addition to today’s house councils.

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7. Spastic Motives

“Spastic Motives” was a student band led by Brad Carr that would occasionally play in the MSC. I think we could all benefit from hearing a little Spastic Motives every now and then! C’mon, Brad, bring it back!

8. Human Ice Bowling

Over Winter Term, students would bundle up and head out to Founder’s Lake. Ten students would arrange themselves like bowling pins on the ice, and another would take a running start and then slide into the “pins.” A few bruises might come out of this game, but the bonding experience would make it all worth your while!


9. Campfires

The whole campus used to gather for campfires when the weather was nice. There’s nothing like getting to know new people over s’mores!


10. Carving initials into the Admin Building.

Various lovers solidified their commitment by carving their initials in a heart with their significant other’s throughout Graceland history. Carve it into the Ad Building so I know it’s real.


Special thanks to Barbara Mesle, Catherine Craig, Tim Lubbers, Phil Koch, Jane Chaillie, and Greg Wiley for sharing these memories.

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