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Scholars’ Showcase Provides Exceptional Experience for Students

Scholars’ Showcase Provides Exceptional Experience for Students

Students got to enjoy the hard work that their colleagues put forward on Thursday, April 7 at Scholars’ Showcase. Events started at 9 am with a welcome session and transitioned into the keynote speaker, Roger D. Launius. Students attending the keynote picked up a stamp card that checked them into Showcase events and that was later turned in for a prize drawing. As the senior curator in the Division of Space History at the National Air and Space museum in Washington D.C., Dr. Launius spoke on the issues of space travel and where our technology could eventually take us in regard to the unknowns of space. He talked about the reasons why we would want to invest money in studying space and how to journey among the stars.

A student who attended the keynote, John Greenlaw, said,“I think it was cool that we were able to get a Graceland graduate who holds a position in a publicly known institution to come and speak to us. It was inspiring and very informative on how far we’ve come and how far we can go. Knowing that we’ve come that far in something as huge as space travel makes my own goals that much more reachable.” Launius’ speech opened many students up to the reality of how feasible and practical space travel, and some of their own goals, can be.

Directly following Dr. Launius’ lecture, a poster session opened up in the Helene which allowed many students to showcase their senior research or other projects they have been working on throughout the year. It was apparent the posters attracted more attention than planned because the lower hallways of the Helene center were packed full of students to the point where it was almost impossible to enter the hallways that had posters on display! This only goes to show that the Graceland student body is eager to support their colleagues in their endeavors and to learn more about the various topics on exhibit.

Events quieted down at 11:30 when everyone broke for lunch, but quickly picked up at 12:30 when Enactus kicked off the oral presentations. Devon Corless, a member of the alternative team of Enactus’ presentation group, said, “[Presenting] is useful for someone who hasn’t been introduced to public speaking before.” Scholars’ showcase not only allows students to show others the work they have put in throughout the year but also to gain invaluable real world experience presenting and speaking in front of others. Oral presentations continued until 3:30, and brought the successful day to a close.

Scholars’ Showcase provided most students a day to enjoy the projects that their colleagues put a year’s worth of effort into. It also provided some students, since classes were cancelled, a day to relax and catch up on personal events with finals just around the corner. If you didn’t get a chance to check out the events at Scholars’ Showcase this year, then be sure to attend next year as this event just keeps getting bigger and better! 


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