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COSA: Year in Review
Agape and Amici: Winners of Airband!

COSA: Year in Review

This year, COSA (Campus Organization for Social Activities) kept the Lamoni campus thoroughly amused yet again. Every week, COSA sponsored a free Thursday Night movie at the Coliseum. The organization also continued many long enjoyed traditions such as Dodgeball, the Scavenger Hunt, and Airband during Homecoming, and New Years in November.

Homecoming week was full of fun COSA events. This year, the noonish games (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) were Volleypong, a frozen t-shirt contest, and shopping cart jousting. Tuesday night, Dodgeball was crazy as ever with participants dressed in wacky attire. This year, people dressed as Baymax and Mrs. Potts, along with many other unusual costumes. The winners of dodgeball this year were Aponivi and Orion. Thursday night was the Lamoni-wide scavenger hunt. Some of the events included finding all fifty state quarters, making a person into an ice cream sundae, dying someone’s hair, and finding a specific brick on the brick plaza, along with many other fun challenges. The winners this year were Solah and Cheville. Homecoming events culminated Friday night at Airband, for which the houses had spent countless hours preparing. This year’s Airband winners were Amici and Agape in first place with How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Dimora and Tiona in second place with Toy Story, and Aponivi and Orion in third place with Bug’s Life. The total winners of homecoming were Aponivi and Orion.

To celebrate Halloween, COSA put on a Haunted Library. The top floor of the library was transformed into a creepy haunted house. Small groups of people were sent up in the elevator to experience the event.

The next big COSA event was New Years in November with a Harry Potter theme. The MSC was transformed into the Wizarding World. Winged keys hung from the ceiling on the mezzanine, letters decorated the mailbox area, and Platform 9 3/4 and the castle were created in the main room. The three broomsticks provided delicious beverages to the students. The delicious themed food included pumpkin pasties, chocolate cauldrons, and Bertie Botts every flavored beans.  Activities this year included caricatures, Quidditch pong, a magician, air brush tattoos, and photo booths in addition to the dance. The night was a huge success with a large student turn out. When the event ended at 1 am, many students made their way to the Commons for free biscuits and gravy.

The theme of Big Man on Campus this year was Dr. Seuss. There were a variety of characters representing the 17 houses with a variety of talents. The winner of this year’s Big Man on Campus was Devin Williams as Sam I Am from Green Eggs and Ham representing Dimora. Second place was Stanley Thomas as Carlos K. Krinklebein (the fish) from The Cat in the Hat representing Hanthorne. The third place winner was Jeremy Deemer as the Green Ham from Green Eggs and Ham representing Aponivi.

The third annual Academy Awards were hosted this year in the Shaw Auditorium. This year’s categories were: Independent Films, Professors Impersonations, Music Video, Romance, Online Dating, Cops GU, Explaining Hip Terms to Parents, When Mom calls at the Worst Time, Parody, and Drive Thru. Students gathered to watch their classmates’ hilarious adaptations of each theme.

Final Fling this year is set for the 23rd of April. There will be inflatable games and bingo throughout the afternoon. At each event, participants can receive wrist bands. The more wrist bands a person has, the better chance they have of winning a big prize at the midnight drawing.

Without COSA’s contribution, this year would’ve looked unrecognizeable. Thanks, COSA, for bringing us these classic tradtions year after year!

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